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TEM and TER Master Plan - Final Report - First Edition


In September 2005, the TEM and TER Projects completed the elaboration of their Master Plan, including the identification of the backbone networks for road and rail transport in 21 Central, Eastern and South-Eastern European countries as well as a realistic investment strategy to gradually develop these networks. As a result of this exercise, as many as 491 projects (319 TEM and 172 TER) with an aggregate estimated cost of EUR 102.10 billion, of which, EUR 49.55 billion for TEM and EUR 52.55 billion for TER, were evaluated and prioritized. These results have been obtained by using a commonly agreed methodology and taking into account alternative scenarios of growth, bottlenecks and missing links as well as problems posed for the funding of transport infrastructure and border crossings. The TEM and TER Master Plan has been a major step forward in the future development of the road and rail transport infrastructure in Central and Eastern Europe and its interoperability. However the work is not yet complete. It will require further cooperation between the TEM and TER member countries and their immediate neighbours as well as continued involvement of the TEM and TER Project Central Offices and the UNECE in increasing the efficiency of this cooperation. This particularly refers to assessing current state of projects, missing information or data about individual country’s plans, and to monitoring the progress in the implementation of the identified TEM and TER Master Plan backbone network on the basis of common accepted technical and operational standards.

Main text (pdf 0.8 MB)

Annex I - II (TEM and TER Master Plan Maps) (pdf 43.2 MB)

Annex III - IX (Statistical Tables, Prioritization Results, Participants) (pdf 43.2 MB)

TEM and TER Master Plans
  TER Master Plan (Detailed Report + Annexes) PDF (12.3 MB)
  TEM Master Plan  
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