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Governance and organizational structure

Governing Bodies




United Nations Economic Commission for Europe and Executive Committee


H.E. Ms. Elisabeth TICHY-FISSLBERGER, Ambassador (Austria) 


H.E. Mr. Didier CHAMBOVEY, Ambassador (Switzerland)

H.E. Mr. Atageldi HALJANOV, Ambassador (Turkmenistan)

Sectoral Committees


Committee on Environmental Policy  


Ms. Elisabete QUINTAS DA SILVA (Cohesion and Development Agency, Portugal)


Ms. Larissa LUKINA (Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection, Belarus)

Mr. Matthias DE MOOR (Department of Environment and Spatial Development, Belgium)

Mr. Kaupo HEINMA (Ministry of Environment, Estonia)

Ms. Nino TKHILAVA (Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources Protection, Georgia)

Mr. Michael BASS (Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety, Germany)

NB: The Bureau member to be nominated by the country (Kazakhstan)

Ms. Maria NAGORNII (Ministry of Agriculture, Regional Development and Environment, Republic of Moldova)

Mr. Nuritdin INAMOV (Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, Russian Federation)

Ms. Biljana FILIPOVIC DUSIC (Ministry of Environmental Protection, Serbia)

Ms. Martine ROHN-BROSSARD (Swiss Federal Office for the Environment, Switzerland)

Mr. Youssef ELKEI (Permanent Mission of the United States of America to the United Nations Office and other international organizations in Geneva, the United States of America)


Inland Transport Committee


Mr. Kristof SCHOCKAERT (Belgium)

Vice- Chairpersons: 

Ms. Marie-Pierre MEGANCK (France)

Mr. Jerzy KLENIEWSKI (Poland)

Mr. Robert RAVZAN DOBRE (Romania)

Mr. Sergey ANDREEV (Russian Federation)


Mr. Philipp VON CARNAP-BORNHEIM (Germany)

Mr. Antonio ERARIO (Italy)

Mr. Hans Gerard SCHOLTEN (Netherlands)

Mr. Jean-Claude SCHNEUWLY (Switzerland)

Mr. Roman SYMONENKO (Ukraine)

The European Commission has a standing invitation to attend sessions of the Bureau as observer.


Conference of European Statisticians  


Mr. Padraig DALTON (Central Statistics Office, Ireland)


Mr. Stepan MNATSAKANYAN (National Statistical Service, Republic of Armenia)

Mr. Anil ARORA (Statistics, Canada)

Mr. Julio SANTAELLA (National Institute of Statistics and Geography, Mexico)

Mr. Mark SOWDEN (Statistics, New Zealand)

Mr. Dominik ROZKRUT (Statistics, Poland)

Mr. Miladin KOVAČEVIC (Statistical Office, Republic of Serbia)

Mr. Ian DIAMOND (Office for National Statistics, United Kingdom)

Ms. Aija ZIGURE (Central Statistical Bureau, Latvia)

Observers to the CES Bureau:

Mr. Vladimir SOKOLIN (Interstate Statistical Committee of the Commonwealth of Independent States)

Ms. Mariana KOTZEVA (EUROSTAT, Statistical Office of the European Union)

Mr. Louis Marc DUCHARME (IMF Statistics Department)

Mr. Paul SCHREYER (OECD Statistics and Data Directorate)

Mr. Stefan Schweinfest (United Nations Statistics Division)

Ms. Haishan FU (Development Data Group, World Bank)


Committee on Sustainable Energy 


Mr. Jürgen KEINHORST (Director, Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, and Nuclear Safety, Germany)


Mr. Tigran MELKONYAN (Head of the Energy Department, Ministry of Territorial Administration and Infrastructure, Armenia)

Mr. Admir SOFTIC (Assistant Minister for Energy Sector, Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations, Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Mr. David TVALABEISHVILI (Deputy Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development, Georgia)

Mr. James GANNON (Commissioner, Commission for Regulation of Utilities, Ireland)

Mr. Gilberto DIALUCE (Director General for Electrical Market, Renewable Energy, Nuclear and Energy Efficiency, Ministry of Economic Development, Italy)

Mr. Kairat RAKHIMOV (Vice Minister, Ministry of Energy, Kazakhstan)

Mr. Pawel PIKUS (Deputy Director, Oil and Gas Department, Ministry of Energy, Poland)

Mr. Alexander TOLPAROV (Deputy Director, Department for International Cooperation, Ministry of Energy, Russian Federation

Ms. Jelena SIMOVIC (Assistant Minister for the Sector for European Integration, International Cooperation and Project Management, Ministry of Mining and Energy, Republic of Serbia)

Mr. Jean-Christophe FÜEG (Head, International Energy Affairs, Swiss Federal Office of Energy, Switzerland)

Mr. Yaroslav DEMCHENKOV (Deputy Minister for European Integration, Ministry of Energy, Ukraine)

Mr. Jarad DANIELS (Director, Office of Strategic Planning, Analysis, and Engagement,Office of Clean Coal and Carbon Management, ‎US Department of Energy, United States)

Bureau Members ex officio (Chairpersons of the Subsidiary Bodies):

Expert Group on Resource Management

Mr. David MACDONALD (Independent Expert, UK)

Group of Experts on Cleaner Electricity System

Mr. Jim ROBB (Executive Director, President and Chief Executive Officer, North American Electric Reliability Corporation)

Group of Experts on Coal Mine Methane

Mr. Raymond C. PILCHER (President, Raven Ridge Resources, Inc.)

Group of Experts on Energy Efficiency

Mr. Aleksandar DUKOVSKI (Senior Energy Expert, Macedonian Center for Energy Efficiency, Republic of North Macedonia)

Group of Experts on Gas

Mr. Francisco DE LA FLOR GARCIA (Director de Regulación, ENAGAS S.A., Spain)

Group of Experts on Renewable Energy

Mr. Nazir RAMAZANOV (Adviser to the Chairman, The State Agency on Alternative and Renewable Energy Sources, Azerbaijan)


Steering Committee on Trade Capacity and Standards


Ms. Damegul KABIYEVA, (Kazakhstan)


Mr. Dmitry DOROSHEVICH (Belarus)

Ms. Mariam GABUNIA (Georgia)

Working Party on Regulatory Cooperation and Standardization Policy (WP.6)


Ms. Marion STOLDT (Germany)

Working Party and Agricultural Quality Standards (WP.7)


Ms. Agnieszka SUDOL (Poland)


Committee on Forests and the Forest Industry


Ms. Maria SOKOLENKO (Russian Federation)



Ms. Marta GAWORSKA (Poland)

Mr. Peter BLOMBÄCK (Sweden)


Committee on Urban Development, Housing and Land Management


Ms. Doris ANDONI (Albania)


Mr. Elshad KHANALIBAYLI (Azerbaijan)

Ms. Aša ROGELJ (Slovenia)


Mr. Dmitry DOROSHEVICH (Belarus)

Ms. Marie MOHYLOVA (Czech Republic)

Ms. Nino GVENTSADZE (Georgia)

Mr. Yves-Laurent SAPOVAL (France)

Mr. Giampiero BAMBAGIONI (Italy)

Mr. Olzhas SARTAYEV (Kazakhstan)

Ms. Rachael Marie SCICLUNA (Malta)

Ms. Veronika REHAKOVA (Slovakia)

Ms. Helena BEUNZA (Spain)

Ms. Joana BALSEMAO (Portugal)

Mr. Nikita STASISHIN (Russian Federation)

Mr. Edouard JAY (Switzerland)

Mr. Frederik ZETTERQUIST (Sweden) as an ex officio


Committee on Innovation, Competitiveness and Public-Private Partnerships (CICPPP)    


Mr. Stefano FIRPO (Italy)

Vice-Chairpersons (Elected for a two-year mandate)

Mr. Sergey Vladimirovich SHUBA (Belarus)

Ms. Annie VASHAKMADZE (Georgia) 

Mr. Nicolaus-Alejandro WEIL VON DER AHE (Germany)

Mr. George KATAPODIS (Greece) 

Mr. Medet DYUSSEMBAYEV (Kazakhstan)

Vice-Chairperson (Elected for a one-year mandate)

Ms. Sedef YAVUZ NOYAN (Turkey)


Other Bodies

Standing Working Group on Ageing


Mr. Edmundo MARTINHO (Portugal)


Ms. Aina STRAND (Norway)

Mr. Alexis RINCKENBACH (France)

Bureau Members:

Ms. Verena SCHRIEBL (Austria)

Mr. Martin AMBERGER (Germany)

Ms. Helena KELEHER (Ireland) – temporary 

Mr. Pietro CHECCUCCI (Italy)

Ms. Aliona CRETU (Republic of Moldova)

Mr. Aleš KENDA (Slovenia)

Mr. Manuel MONTERO REY (Spain)


Ms. Heidrun MOLLENKOPF (Civil Society)

Mr. Kai LEICHSENRING (Research/Academia)


United Nations Centre for Trade Facilitation and Electronic Business (UN/CEFACT)


Ms. Sue PROBERT (United Kingdom)


Mr. Ian WATT (Australia)

Mr. Marek LASKOWSKI (Canada)

Ms. Hanane BECHA (France)

Mr. Tahseen KHAN (India)

Ms. Liliana FRATINI PASSI (Italy)

Mr. Benno SLOT (The Netherlands)

Ms. Estelle IGWE (Nigeria)

Mr. Aleksei BONDARENKO (The Russian Federation)

Chairpersons of the Subsidiary Bodies:

Advisory Group on the United Nations Location Codes for Trade and Transport (UN/LOCODE)

Dr. Yueming QIU (China)


Ms. Sue PROBERT (United Kingdom)


Team of Specialists on Sustainable Fisheries


Mr. Frans VAN DIEPEN (Netherlands)


Advisory Group on Advance Technologies on Trade and Logistics


Mr. Stefano QUINTARELLI (Italy)

Vice Chairperson:

Ms. Nena DOKUZOV (Slovenia)


(As of 20 September 2021)