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We support national statistical systems to meet the data needs of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, through 

  • methodological guidance
  • modernization of statistics
  • capacity development.

By bringing together experts from across the statistical community, we promote efficiencies and innovative ways to tackle persistent and emerging challenges in official statistics.

Our work on statistics has lasting impact and global reach.



In focus

2022 marks 30 years since the Fundamental Principles of Official Statistics, now a General Assembly-endorsed global standard, were first developed and adopted at UNECE.

The principles underlie everything that the producers of official statistics do: from the methods for collecting, processing and storing data to the ways that statistical offices disseminate statistics and communicate with those who use them. The principles ensure independence from political influence and the right and duty to publicly correct misuse or misinterpretation of statistics. They safeguard the trustworthiness of official statistics, enabling them to play a unique role as a public good that underpins sustainable development and democracy.

By marking this 30th anniversary, statistical offices across the region are recognizing the continued and increasing importance of the principles in guiding what they do. Find out more about the celebration and how you can join in by sharing stories about how the principles impact everyday life and why this matters to society.


  • Our Dashboard for SDGs is now available in Russian, broadening the spectrum of constituents from across the region who can now access it with ease. The dashboard, launched in English in 2020, brings together available data for the 56 UNECE member States to provide a regional perspective on the global indicators. With data for regionally-relevant indicators across all 17 goals, users can see snapshots of progress over time; view differences between women and men; create graphs and maps; compare countries; access definitions and explanations; and download full datasets for more in-depth analysis.
  • The UNECE Census wiki shows key facts about the 2020 round of population and housing censuses in UNECE countries, including the type of census, date and whether census has been delayed due to the Covid-19 pandemic, as well as links to further information.
  • Our platform on Covid-19 and official statistics guides statistical producers to existing and newly-developed resources from UNECE and partners to support the continued production of official statistics and to meet the emerging and rapidly changing demands for statistics. It offers a space for national statistical offices and international organizations to share experiences and developments to safeguard statistical production in the face of the current crisis.

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03 - 06 October, 2022
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