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Inland Transport Committee


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The Inland Transport Committee (ITC) is the UN platform for inland transport to help efficiently address global and regional needs in inland transport. In the course of the last 75 years, together with its subsidiary bodies, the ITC has provided an  intergovernmental forum, where UNECE and United Nations Member States come together to forge tools for economic cooperation and negotiate and adopt international legal instruments on inland transport.

These legal instruments are considered indispensable for developing efficient, harmonized and integrated, safe and sustainable inland transport systems.

In focus


Taking ambitious climate action – Moving towards decarbonised inland transport by 2050

The 86th ITC session, from 20 to 23 February 2024, took place in Geneva (Palais des Nations, room XIX).

Programme | Regular session meeting documents


The publication on the 75 Years of Inland Transport Committee is now available here. Find out more about the most emblematic moments of the 75-year history of the Committee and its Working Parties and on the strategic direction of the ITC on the road to 2030.

Two new brochures have been issued, on the ITC Strategy until 2030 and on the ITC Recommendations for Enhancing National Road Safety Systems.

The 83rd annual session of the Inland Transport Committee took place from 23-26 February 2021. This year’s session enabled critical decision-making by key transport stakeholders in response to the global emergency of unseen proportions in peacetime triggered by COVID-19. Member States as well as transport leaders came together to take strategic decisions on addressing the systemic weaknesses that compromised global supply chains and disrupted economic activity and the transport of goods and people worldwide. The Committee’s agenda and decision-making also covered cutting-edge areas such as road safety, autonomous vehicles, and transport digitalization. More information about the programme and participation can be found here.

Recent Events

20 February

Palais des Nations, Building E Geneva Switzerland

20 - 23 February

Palais des Nations, Room XIX, Geneva Switzerland

21 - 24 February

Geneva Switzerland