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Other meeting of April 2018

Mr. Peter Gašperšič, Minister of Infrastructure; Ms. Maja Makoveč Brencič, Minister of Education, Science and Sports; Ms. Vesna Györkös Žnidar, Minister of Interior; Mr. Igor Zelo, National Road Traffic Agency

On 4 April, The Special Envoy visited Ljubljana at the invitation of the Minister of Transport of Slovenia. At the meeting with three Ministers the Special Envoy gave an overview of his activities in the context of four priorities of his mandate. The Special Envoy applauded Slovenia’s multi-sectoral approach and commitment to road safety as evidenced by the joint attendance by three key ministries at the meeting. 

The Ministers shared about road safety efforts including the 2013-2020 National Resolution on road safety aimed at establishing safe road traffic systems as well as emphasized the government’s goal to increase the number of traffic police. They highlighted the importance of Vision Zero approach, recently passed legislation obliging motorcyclists to wear helmets, its integration in educational and awareness raising campaigns, as well as about Slovenia’s cooperation with Austria and Hungary on autonomous vehicles. The National Road Traffic Agency shared about the Agency’s focus on preventive education, which contributed to a decrease in road traffic fatalities since the beginning of the year. 
H.E. Mr. Jüri Ratas, Prime Minister of Estonia
On 6 April, the Special Envoy met with the Prime Minister of Estonia and outlined his mandate and activities. He shared about his on-going efforts to establish the UN Road Safety Trust Fund and about its upcoming launch the following week in New York. The Special Envoy invited the government of Estonia to participate in the launch event and consider support to the Trust Fund.
H.M. Felipe VI, King of Spain
On 26 April, the Special Envoy presented an overview of his role and mandate as well as his key priorities to the King of Spain. He applauded Spain’s commitment to road safety and its major achievement resulting in a nearly 70 per cent decrease in road traffic fatalities since 2000. The Special Envoy congratulated Spain’s efforts and shared about the recently launched UN Road Safety Trust Fund, aimed at advancing global road safety and invited Spain to support the Trust Fund.  
Mr. Jaime Moreno, Director-General Traffic (DGT) Management Centre 
The Special Envoy visited the Traffic Management Centre in Madrid and met with the Director-General as well as other road safety officials. During the visit, the Special Envoy applauded Spain’s achievements in improving road safety which resulted in significant decrease of nearly 70 per cent in road fatalities since 2000. He further highlighted the seemingly effective structure of DGT and encouraged sharing its best practices with other countries. The Special Envoy expressed his interest in participating in the next General Assembly of Latin American Road Safety Observatory (OISEVI), which is planned to be held in Spain in 2019. In conclusion, the Special Envoy invited Spain to ratify 1968 Conventions on Road Traffic and Road Signs and Signals, to which it is currently a signatory, and become a contracting party to both.