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Other Meetings in June 2018

Ms. Cora van Nieuwenhuizen, Minister of Infrastructure and Water Management of the Netherlands 

On 14 June, the Special Envoy gave an overview of his mandate and activities within four key priorities of his assigned mandate. The Netherlands is one of the best performing countries in the world on road safety and is a contracting party to all six UN Road Safety Conventions. 

Minister Nieuwenhuizen shared about on-going road safety activities in her country, including the current Road Safety Strategic Plan 2008-2020, which aims to half fatalities and injuries by 2020. 

The Special Envoy shared about the recent establishment of the UN Road Safety Trust Fund, which will leverage financial resources to support activities contributing to five pillars of the decade of action and to achieving the road safety related SDG targets. In conclusion, the Special Envoy invited the Netherlands’ participation and potential contributions to the Fund. 
Mr. Elhadj As Sy, President of International Federation of Red Cross
On 28 June, the Special Envoy presented four pillars of his assigned mandate and shared about on-going activities and priorities. He further shared about the recent establishment of the UNRSTF, aimed at supporting Member States’ road safety efforts within five pillars of Decade of Action for Road Safety. IFRC has a long-standing commitment to road safety, including its role in hosting the Global Road Safety Partnership (GRSP), which was established in 1999 and was one of the first organizations to mark road traffic injuries and fatalities as a pressing global issue. The Special Envoy encouraged the IFRC to continue making road safety its priority and offered to convey this message during the upcoming IFRC board meetings.