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Meeting with EuroMed Transport Support Project

On 18 September, following the meeting in February 2018 during the ECE Inland Transport Committee meeting, the Special Envoy met with EuroMed Transport Support Project Delegation representing six countries, to extend support to EuroMed countries and their national level efforts. EuroMed funding was extended through 2022 and will continue to work in 10 countries. During the meeting, country representatives presented the national road safety situation and requested for support from the Special Envoy, as needed. The Special Envoy reiterated his support to the EuroMed project and encouraged representatives of Member States in attendance to increase efforts as we near the deadline of the decade of action and SDG 3.6 target to halve the number of road traffic fatalities by 2020. He further shared about upcoming regional road safety workshop planned for 27-28 November in Beirut, Lebanon and encouraged participation of EuroMed experts.  

The following delegates participated in the meeting:

o Mr. Abdelghani Hamani, Sous-directeur de la Circulation Routière, Ministry of Transport of Algeria

o Mr. Mahmoud Al Zoubi, Director Jordan Traffic Institute, Public Security Directorate, Ministry of Interior of Jordan

o Mr. Tanios Boulos, Director General, Roads and Buildings, Ministry of Public Works and Transport of Lebanon

o Mr. Noureddine Dib, Directeur Adjoint, Transport Routier et Sécurité Routière, Ministry of Equipment, Transport and Logistics of Morocco

o Mr. Ammar Yassin, Deputy Minister and National Coordinator of EuroMed Transport Project, Ministry of Transport of Palestine

o Mr. Fraj Ali, Director General, Land Transport, Ministry of Transport of Tunisia

o Mr. Noureddine Sayadi, Director of Circulation, Ministry of Transport of Tunisia

o Mr. Michalis Adamantiadis, Team Leader and Road Freight Transport Key Expert, EuroMed Transport Support Project