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Country Visits to Latin American Countries

The Special Envoy visited Latin American region in the early August 2018. During each of his country missions, he held bilateral meetings with high-level government officials, calling for increased investments and immediate action towards addressing the road safety crisis, notably by enhancing road safety governance, improving data collection as well as strengthening legislative framework. Furthermore, the Special Envoy continuously promoted United Nations road safety conventions and encouraged Member States’ consideration of becoming a contracting party. 
H.E. Mr. Alexander Baldy, Minister of Cities of Brazil
The Special Envoy provided an overview of his mandate and key priorities, including the recent establishment of the UNRSTF. He further expressed his appreciation for Brazil’s regular, active and constructive participation in the ECE Global Forum for Traffic Safety. The Special Envoy congratulated the Minister on Brazil’s progress in adopting improving legislation, however encouraged stronger law enforcement, particularly related to speed limits. Considering that Brazil is only a contracting party to the 1968 Conventions on Road Traffic, the Special Envoy encouraged the Minister to consider Brazil’s accession to the remaining five United Nations road safety convention. 
Dr. Katia de Pinho Campos, Coordinator PAHO/WHO Brazil and Mr. Vitor Pavarino, Technical Officer, Mr. Martin Raiser, World Bank Representative in Brazil, Mr. Hugo Florez, IDB Representative in Brazil
The Special Envoy presented key priorities of his mandate and shared about his ongoing activities and priorities, including a recent establishment of the UNRSTF. PAHO/WHO representatives shared about the global safety situation in Brazil, emphasizing its considerable impact on country’s health system. It was further highlighted that speeding and drink-driving were among the leading causes of road crashes as well as distracted driving appearing among the emerging risk factors. PAHO/WHO colleagues requested that the Special Envoy emphasizes the importance of law enforcement and speed management measures, when meeting with government officials of Brazil. The Special Envoy reiterated the importance of well-coordinated action across UN agencies and development banks toward addressing the road safety crisis and bringing down growing number of road traffic fatalities. 
Trinidad and Tobago:
Meeting with UN Country Team in Trinidad and Tobago
During his country mission to Trinidad and Tobago, the Special Envoy met with the UN country Team and gave an overview of his mandate, priorities and ongoing activities, including the recent establishment of the UNRSTF. The UN Country Team presented on the work of the UN in Trinidad and Tobago and shared that four key pillar areas of the UN’s work in the Caribbean and in Trinidad and Tobago: A Safe, Just and Cohesive Caribbean; A Healthy Caribbean; An Inclusive, Equitable and Prosperous Caribbean; and A Sustainable and Resilient Caribbean. The WHO/PAHO representative presented road safety statistics in the country and noted that accidents and emergencies were the fifth leading cause of death in Trinidad and Tobago. According to the UNCT, high consumption of alcohol and speeding were identified as two main causes of road accidents and fatalities. The Special Envoy encouraged UNCT to partner with International Federation of Red Cross (IFRC) and other agencies to jointly tackle the road safety crisis in Trinidad and Tobago. 
The following members of the UN Country Team participated in the meeting:
o Mr. Juan Miguel Diez, UNIC, Director 
o Dr. Edwin Bolastig, PAHO/WHO Representative a.i. 
o Mr. Joel Anderson, UNHCR, Operations Officer 
o Mr. Jason Francis, UNLIREC, Head of Office
o Ms. Aurora Norguera Ramkisson, UNFPA, Laision Officer 
o Ms. Narissa Seegulam, UN Coordination Analyst, UN Resident Coordinator’s Office  
Mr. Enrique José Quintana, President of the National Institute of Land Transport (INTT)
The Special Envoy presented an overview of his mandate and priorities, highlighting his efforts and emphasizing the SDG goals 3.6 and 11.2. He further shared about the recent establishment of the UNRSTF aimed at supporting Member States’ efforts towards reducing road traffic fatalities and enhancing their road safety efforts. The President of INTT shared about their ongoing efforts, highlighting that deadly accidents result from violating basic rules on the road. The Special Envoy encouraged establishing a cross-sectoral working group consisting of UN agencies, government and the multilateral development banks, to help address road safety issues. He further encouraged Venezuela’s consideration of accession to United Nations road safety convention and their implementation.
Meeting with the UN Country Team in Venezuela
The Special Envoy gave an overview of his mandate and priorities from his terms of reference. He further shared about his ongoing activities, including about the recent establishment of the UNRSTF. 
The UN Country Team gave an overview of the road safety situation in the country highlighting the lack of political will, poor regulatory framework and inadequate infrastructure. They further emphasized the lack of vision, and somewhat fragmented efforts to improve the situation. 
The Special Envoy suggested that legislation is key effort in improving road user behavior and decreasing road traffic casualties. He further highlighted importance of safer infrastructure for all road users, with emphasis on the Safe System Approach, promoting transport systems that protect all road users. Considering that Venezuela is not a contracting party to any United Nations road safety convention, the Special Envoy encouraged the UN Country Team to support government’s efforts, should they consider becoming a contracting party. 
The following members of the UN Country Team participated at the meeting:
o Mr. Rafael Ramírez UNICEF Representative
o Mr. Pedro Di Maggio UN Security Adviser
o Mr. Carlos Gutiérrez UN Coordination Officer
o Mrs. Rosiclair Gómez UNDP Deputy Representative
o Mr. Héctor Ojeda PAHO Road Safety Focal Point
o Mr. Eddy Carvajal UNHCR Field Safety Assistant
o Mr. Gonzalo Kmaid UN Adviser to the Road Safety
o Ms. Mariana Rojas UN Local Security Assistant
o Ms. Astrid López UN Local Security Assistant
o Ms. Maryari Contreras UN Coordination Assistant