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Meeting with Ms. Veronica Raffo, Senior Infrastructure Specialist, World Bank

On 21 April, the Special Envoy and his Secretariat at the UNECE met with Ms. Veronica Raffo, Senior Infrastructure Specialist at the World Bank to discuss the World Bank’s past and future plans to establish regional road safety data observatories. This meeting was a follow-up to the discussions that took place during the UN Country Team meeting in Buenos Aires in March 2017. Ms. Raffo provided an update on the World Bank-supported Ibero-American Road Safety Observatory (OSEIVI), which was established in 2011. Ms. Raffo also explained of the World Bank’s interest to support similar observatories in Africa and South East Asia. The UNECE Secretariat and UNECE Director of Sustainable Transport, Ms. Eva Molnar, also participated. Ms. Molnar explained of UNECE’s work in transport statistics particularly in WP.6 (Working Party on Transport Statistics) and the Glossary for Transport Statistics developed jointly by UNECE, OECD/International Transport Forum and Eurostat. Ms. Molnar reiterated the importance of building upon existing work on transport and road safety data.