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EuroMed Transport Support Project (TSP)

EuroMed Transport Support Project (EuroMed TSP) supports participation of EuroMed experts to ECE inter-governmental bodies, including the Global Forum for Road Traffic Safety (WP.1). On 19 September, the Special Envoy met with representatives of EuroMed partner countries and provided an overview of his mandate, while welcoming their efforts to improve road safety. The members of delegation shared an overview of the road safety situation in their countries, existing challenges and current needs. Among issues mentioned was lack of credible data, educational programs, and cross-sectoral coordination at the national level. Although road safety issue stands high on the agenda of the countries concerned, the delegates expressed the need for guidance and technical assistance on the relevant issues. The Special Envoy expressed his readiness and availability to support EuroMed partner countries in their road safety efforts. The meeting concluded with action points including organizing a regional capacity-building event, producing Special Envoy’s video messages in support of EuroMed’s road safety activities, and communicating with heads of states to urge political priority on road safety. All action items have been addressed and regional workshop planning is underway. 

The following participants took part in the meeting:

o Mr. Hamani Aldelghani, Deputy Director, Ministry of Transport of Algeria 

o Mr. Ahmad Al Warawra, Director of Jordan Traffic Institute Public Security Directorate, Ministry of Interior of Jordan

o Mr. Brahim Baamal, Director of Road Transport and Road Safety, Ministry of Equipment, Transport and Logistics of Morocco

o Mr. Ammar Yassin, Deputy Minister of Transport and EuroMed National Coordinator, Ministry of Transport of Palestine

o Mr. Ali Fraj, Director General, Land Transport, Ministry of Transport of Tunisia

o Mr. Noureddine Sayadi, Director of Traffic, Ministry of Transport of Tunisia

o Mr. Michalis Adamantiadis, Team Leader and Road Freight Transport Key Expert, EuroMed Transport Support Project (EuroMed TSP)

o Mr. Jose Capel Ferrer, Non- Key Expert EuroMed TSP, EuroMed Transport Support Project (EuroMed TSP)

o Ms. Imen Kilani, Junior Event's Organizer Non-Key Expert, EuroMed Transport Support Project (EuroMed TSP)