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Country visit in Thailand

A middle-income country in Asia with the population of 68 million, which suffers from estimated 24,237 road traffic fatalities, according to the WHO. Over 70 percent of fatalities are represented by 2- or 3-wheelers, according to Thailand’s Injury Surveillance System data. According to the WHO’s 2015 report, Thailand has strong laws addressing helmet use; however, legislation on the remaining four risk factors (speed, drink-driving, seat-belt use, child restraints) needs to be improved. Thailand is a contracting party to one of six UN Road Safety Conventions.
Embassy Friends for Road Safety
On 16 March, the Special Envoy met with the Embassy Friends of Road Safety at the British Embassy. The participants discussed their collaboration to address the number of deaths and injuries on Thai roads and the engagement of foreign embassies in promoting road safety in Thailand. The Special Envoy and Mr. Etienne Krug (WHO) shared about the upcoming UN Road Safety Collaboration meeting, hosted by the WHO. They highlighted the need for a stronger data collection system. The Special Envoy presented five pillars of a UN Global Plan for the Decade of Action for Road Safety and of the inclusion of road safety in the UN Sustainable Development Goals 3.6 and 11.2. The Special Envoy and Mr. Krug also promoted the UN Global Road Safety Week taking place from 8 to 14 May 2017. The following officials participated at the meeting:

o Mr. Etienne Krug, Director, Department for Management of Non-communicable Diseases, Disability, Violence and Injury Prevention

o Mr. Wilfried Schnider, First Secretary, Consul and Head of Chancery, Embassy of Switzerland in Thailand

o Mr. Jean Senecal, Counsellor (Management) and Consul, Embassy of Canada in Thailand

o Ms. Sofia Jannati, Intern, Embassy of Sweden in Thailand

o Ms. Tuovi Pahkasalo, First Secretary, Embassy of Finland in Thailand

o Mr. Daniel Sturgeon, Second Secretary and Vice Consul, US Embassy in Thailand

o Mr. Boa Lee, US Embassy in Thailand

o Mr. Layla Slatter, First Secretary (HM Consul), British Embassy in Thailand

o Ms. Jem Wild, British Embassy in Thailand

o Ms. Thanita Wongprasert, Prevention Officer, British Embassy in Thailand
United Nations Country Team of Thailand
The Special Envoy introduced the terms of his mandate, presented his activities as Special Envoy for Road Safety and shared about his attendance of the UNSRC meeting. The Special Envoy provided an overview of the UN Road Safety Conventions and ongoing consultations on the establishment of the United Nations Road Safety Trust Fund. The UNCT presented on existing road safety challenges and the issue of corruption and lack of education in relation to road safety. The Special Envoy presented five pillars of a UN Global Plan for the Decade of Action for Road Safety. They have agreed on the need to enhance education and advocacy on the issue. The following members of the UN Country Team participated in the meeting:

o Mr. Maurizio Bussi, Director, ILO DWT for East and Southeast Asia and the Pacific

o Dr. Kristen Atonson, Senior Regional Medical Officer

o Ms. Valerie Taton, Deputy Representative

o Dr. Daniel Kertesz, WHO Representative to Thailand

o Dr. Liviu Vedrasco, Public Health Administrator

o Mr. Kritsiam Arayawongchai, National Professional Officer

o Mr. Hao Cai, Intern
United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP)
On 17 March 2017, the Special Envoy met with ESCAP team, where he presented his mandate and activities as well as highlighted his recent meeting with the UN Country Team in Thailand. He also shared about regional road safety workshop held in Buenos Aires a week ago and of the upcoming joint ECE and ESCAP Motorcycle Helmet Safety Workshop taking place in Kuala Lumpur in April. As the Special Envoy already met Mr. Li Yuwei at the Global Sustainable Transport Conference in Ashgabat, Turkmenistan in November 2016, he provided an update on his activities since then. Mr. Yuwei shared about the regional road safety action plan and interests to foster a stronger partnership with the Special Envoy. The Special Envoy proposed to organise regular communication with the Special Envoy Secretariat, which will share upcoming regional missions and explore future collaborations. This meeting was participated by the following UN officials:

o Mr. Kaveh Zahedi, ESCAP Deputy Executive Secretary

o Mr. Adnan Aliani, Director, Strategy and Programme Management Division, ESCAP

o Mr. Li Yuwei, Director, Transport Division , ESCAP

o Ms. Thanattaporn Rasamit, Economic Affairs Officer, ESCAP