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70th Anniversary Session of the Inland Transport Committee of UNECE

Transport ministers from across Europe and the Globe came together to sign a ministerial resolution which not only recognizes the 70 years of accomplishments of the Inland Transport Committee (ITC), but commits to continuing to support the Committee in the future.
On 21-23 February 2017, at the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE), the ITC held  its 70th anniversary session including a ministerial meeting focusing on “Past and Future of the UNECE Inland Transport Committee.” The purpose of the meeting was to not only take stock of the ITC’s past contributions to inland transport but also decide on its future mission until 2030 at a time of profound changes, challenges and opportunities globally.  The meeting involved more than 500 representatives from 89 countries across the globe.  
The committee this year concluded with a number of important decisions that will affect the future of inland transport, including endorsing the resolution on “Embracing the new era for sustainable inland transport and mobility.”  The resolution had been signed by 58 countries and the European Commissioner for Mobility and Transport at the end of the ministerial meeting held on the first day. The resolution is intended to convey the appreciation of the highest level of the constituency of ITC for the 70 years of the Committee’s and its subsidiary bodies’ work as well as to encourage the ITC to continue producing outputs for the existing mandates. Most importantly, the resolution provides a collective affirmation of the relevance of the Committee for the advancement of the Sustainable Development Agenda through paving the way toward sustainable inland transport and mobility, and will ensure that it will be in a position to deliver a strong message and presence for the future inland transport we want.
Following the opening address where three panels focusing on the role ITC plays and can play in the future in creating sustainable safe interconnected transport.
The Special Envoy presented on Panel III, which was entitled “ITC – the Centre of UN Transport Conventions: the benefits of internationally harmonized regulatory governance for inland transport”, which was moderated by Ms. Eva Molnar, Director, Sustainable Transport Division, UNECE.  The Special Envoy also provided an overview of his current and upcoming activities as well as informed the audience of the new Secretary-General’s commitment to road safety. The Special Envoy provided an update on the progress of the preparation of the proposal on the establishment of a UN Road Safety Trust Fund.