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Country visit in Myanmar

A sovereign state in the South East Asia, Myanmar is a low income country with the population of 53.9 million. There are 10,809 road traffic fatalities annually, according to the WHO estimation. As per data provided by Myanmar Police, pedestrians represent 26 percent of total deaths on the road. WHO reports that Myanmar has strong laws addressing speed limit; however drink driving, helmet and seat belt use, as well as child restraint laws need to be improved.  Currently, Myanmar has not acceded to any of six UN Road Safety conventions.
The Special Envoy had the following meeting during his visit in Myanmar:
Ms. Daw Aung San Suu Kyi 
The Special Envoy and Ms. Daw Aung San Suu Kui discussed follow up items from the last meeting regarding road safety priorities. Ms. Suu Kyi explained that there was lack of capacity to implement interventions across all areas.
Mr. U Win Khaing, Union Minister for Construction of Myanmar
On 3 April 2017, the Special Envoy met with Union Minister and presented his mandate and priorities. The Minister shared his priorities for improving the infrastructure and expressed his concerns on inexperienced drivers, stressing the need to enhance education. The Minister also expressed his interest and support of the UN Road Safety Conventions. 
Mr. Abdoulaye Seck, World Bank Country Manager for Myanmar and U Ye Thu Aung, Country Officer for Myanmar
On 4 April 2017, the Special Envoy met with World Bank representatives in Myanmar, presented his mandate and priorities, and highlighted the road safety challenges in the country. Mr. Seck gave an overview of the World Bank portfolio in Myanmar, mentioning road safety as one of priorities and highlighting the ongoing project aimed to fix two rural roads affected by recent slides and in need of reconstruction. The World Bank representatives also presented the World Bank’s first Myanmar roads programme and shared that the World Bank supported the construction of the road from Hakka, Chin State to Sagaing Division. The Special Envoy recommended addressing the improvement of traffic light system in Yangon. 
Mr. Thant San Maung, Union Minister of Transport and Communications
The Special Envoy gave an overview of his mandate and activities. Together with the Minister, they discussed the need to improve the process to obtain drivers licence for all road users. The Special Envoy emphasised the economic benefits of improved road safety.