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Workshop on Human Resources Management and Training

Workshop on Human Resources Management and Training

Future of Work, Working for the Future

11 - 13 October 2022
Brussels Belgium

Addressing the Challenge of recruiting, developing and retaining NSI talent in the post-COVID Employment Market

The objective of the workshop is to cocreate and write the story of our future. We want to consider new challenges and requirements in the changing environment in which NSOs operate that go beyond the impact of the pandemic.

Our goal is to share the lessons learnt from the pandemic rather than our experience of the pandemic. We are keen to know what kind of useful lessons members of our big statistical family have learnt from their experience. We are interested not only in what are the accelerated changes we observed and what is the permanent legacy, but also what remained the same and what does not need to change. We want to lay the foundations for our future. This is why we are looking for really new and innovative stories that could quickly become bestsellers in the countries of the UNECE.

Thus, we need authors with open minds, ready to share their experiences and lessons learnt. Authors with a vision for the future work of our statistical community: both at the international and national level.

We hope that during these three exciting days, we will build up our story focusing on key pillars: 1) organisation, 2) employer, manager and leader, 3) employees and supplement with 4) mix/horizontal /blended/hybrid issues. We will view each pillar from four dimensions: 1) mindset, 2) environment, 3) behaviour and 4) skills. 
As a key guideline, we can use three toolkits prepared last year by the Capabilities and Communication Group.
In addition to telling stories with the support of traditional presentations or maybe some modern tools (video, infographics, etc.), the workshop will include small group discussions along with interactive and participatory sessions. These activities will focus on sharing experiences, identifying areas for future work and identifying innovative and non-standard practices.
The target audience of the workshop includes senior and middle-level managers responsible for the human resources management and training, risk management, culture and ethics domains, in their respective organisations.


Welcome and opening. Elena Friso (EFTA) and Taeke Gjaltema (UNECE)
ModernStats: HLG-MOS and Capabilities and Communication Group. Taeke Gjaltema (UNECE)
Chair: Anna Borowska (Statistics Poland)

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Session 1: WHY we need to re-frame NSI Work, People and Workplaces

Reflections from the 2022 UNECE Survey on Future of Work
Session organizer: Maria Hurley (CSO Ireland)

Session 2: WHAT have we tried, what have we learned from recent Crisis Response Initiatives?

Session organizer: Tine Peštaj (Statistical Office of the Republic of Slovenia) 

Session 3: How we build NSIs for the Future Work

i. Organisation, Culture & Ethics
Session organiser: Fabrizio Rotundi and Angela Leonetti (Istat: Italian National Institute of Statistics)

ii. People
Session organiser: Supriya Edwards (Statistics Canada)

iii. Training and Skills
Session organiers: Supriya Edwards, Statistics Canada

Session 4: Where to from here?

Session organizers: Anna Borowska (Statistics Poland) & Maria Hurley (CSO Ireland)