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Recommendation N°. 40: Consultation Approaches: Best Practices in Trade and Government Consultation on Trade Facilitation Matters (ECE/TRADE/423)

The purpose of Recommendation N°. 40 (ECE/TRADE/423) is to inform government agencies and private sector stakeholders about approaches to effective consultations that will be flexible, transparent, fair, accountable, and participatory.  This Recommendation addresses issues such as information sharing, preparations prior to consultations, and measures that aim at building a trust-based dialogue.  When available, best practices in the field of consultation are provided.  The goal is to present flexible and diverse approaches to consultations and inspire successful solutions.
This Recommendation should be seen as a complement to Recommendation No. 4 on "National Trade Facilitation Bodies", as it provides suggested complementary and alternative forms and approaches to consultation and offers a qualitative methodology to improve the very core of the consultative process.