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Workshop “Energy-efficient buildings and progress towards carbon neutrality in Ukrainian cities”

18 November 2022

15:00-17:30 CET/16:00-18:30 Kyiv

The project “UN4Kharkiv: Integrated Rehabilitation of Settlements (Territories) in Ukraine with a pilot project in the city of Kharkiv” is implemented by UNECE. It supports efforts of the national and local governments in Ukraine for the planning of and preparations for the rebuilding of cities based on the “building back better” principle. It focuses on the pilot city of Kharkiv where the city government, with the support of the renowned architect Norman Foster, the Norman Foster Foundation, ARUP Berlin and other international experts, is developing a new Master Plan for the city of Kharkiv. The destruction caused by the war has affected nearly every area of the city of Kharkiv. According to the city government, as of mid-October 2022, there were 4,957 residential house, 106 kindergartens, 116 schools, 88 hospitals, 36 km of water supply networks, 563 administrative buildings, 168 trams and buses, and 60 cultural institutions and universities destroyed. To “build back better”, buildings and neighbourhoods must be built or reconstructed in a way that they use innovative, reusable, recyclable and least carbon-intensive materials; are energy-efficient and at the same time offer high quality of life to inhabitants.


The workshop:

(1)          Discussed the legal, institutional, financial and technical challenges that Ukrainian national and local governments are facing to rebuilding cities and neighbourhoods in an energy-efficient and carbon-neutral manner.

(2)          Presented international practices of constructing and reconstructing energy-efficient and carbon-neutral buildings and neighbourhoods, including topics of design and construction materials as well as the legal and institutional frameworks.

(3)          Formulated recommendations and showcased integral solutions for improving the energy efficiency of buildings and neighbourhoods to support Ukrainian cities in their reconstruction efforts as well as in the implementation of the Ukrainian National Recovery Plan.


Presentations - Key challenges and needs for promoting energy-efficient and carbon-neutral buildings and neighbourhoods in Ukrainian cities in the short and long term

36962 _ Mr. Vasyl Vovchak, Energy Efficiency Expert, UNECE Consultant _ 373908 _ English _ 773 _ 369964 _ pdf

Presentations - International practices of promoting energy-efficient and carbon-neutral buildings and neighbourhoods

36735 _ Mr. Marko Nokkala, Senior Sales Manager, Valmet _ 373810 _ English _ 773 _ 369746 _ pdf

Presentations - Integral solutions for energy efficiency of buildings and practical implications of planning measures