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Various amendment proposals to the Convention

12 November 2018
On 9 November 2018, the Secretary-General of the United Nations, acting in his capacity as depositary, issued the following depositary notifications: (a) CN.556.2018.TREATIES-XI.A.16, to communicate that, by 3 November 2018, none of the contracting parties to the TIR Convention had communicated to the Secretary-General an objection to various amendment proposals to the body of the Convention. As a consequence, the proposals to amend Article 1 (q), Article 3, paragraph (b), Article 6, paragraph 2, Article 11, paragraph 3 and Article 38, paragraph 1 of the TIR Convention will enter into force on 3 February 2019 for all contracting parties; (b) C.N.557.2018.TREATIES-XI.A.16, informing that by 3 November 2018, Kazakhstan had notified him of its objection to a proposal to amend Article 2 of the TIR Convention. As a consequence of this objection, the said amendment proposal shall be deemed not to have been accepted and shall have no effect whatsoever, as stipulated by Article 59, paragraph 4.