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UNFC Adoption Group

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The UNFC ADOPTION GROUP was mandated by the Expert Group on Resource Management (EGRM), of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe on 28 April 2023.

The UNFC Adoption Group addresses, within its means issues related to the Adoption of UNFC for decision support, including but not limited to:

  • Identify and analyze challenges and barriers to widespread UNFC adoption as decision support for governments, industry and capital allocators
  • Propose solutions to the Bureau on how to overcome such challenges, with simplicity & speed, given the urgency and importance of addressing resilience in energy and critical resource management.
  • Work together with stakeholders to illustrating and testing the use of the UNFC to compare and contrast projects and portfolios of projects, in different activities and how the UNFC metrics may be applied in support of opportunities and risk based corporate decision making, sustainability financial assessments and national resource and econometric analyses
  • Review and evaluate progress and delivery against the decided work plan on an annual basis, identify issues and opportunities, define solutions, and implement related actions.
  • Leverage the broad expertise within EGRM and facilitate appropriate support across EGRM Working Groups e.g., identifying where UNFC Adoption Group experts could provide helpful advice to other groups and vice versa. Inform the Technical Advisory Group (TAG) and the Working Groups of key UNFC Adoption Group delivery documents for their comments and support before finalization.

Terms of Reference