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Summary of UNECE Trade Facilitation Recommendations - 2023 Edition (ECE/TRADE/475)

Summary of UNECE Trade Facilitation Recommendations - 2023 Edition

This publication (ECE/TRADE/475) provides the following information on each recommendation:

  • Brief description
  • Equivalent ISO standard number (where appropriate)
  • Current status, indicating whether the recommendation is under development, approved or under revision
  • Dates and publication numbers of documents containing the first approved and last revised versions of the recommendation
  • Indication and publication numbers of the French and Russian editions

The full versions of these recommendations, along with their associated guidelines and code lists, are available free of charge at:
The application of these standards and recommendations by individual countries can vary considerably. It will depend on their unique conditions, needs and priorities, as well as on their resources. However, regardless of how they are applied, the standards should create a solid basis for successful international trading.

We encourage all countries to use and apply the standards and recommendations when adopting trade facilitation measures. We also invite them to participate actively with UN/CEFACT in developing such recommendations.