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UNFC and Bioenergy

Growing awareness and interest in renewable energy resources, including bioenergy, has highlighted a need to normalize the way in which renewable energy potential is reported. A number of companies entering the field of renewable energy have voiced a need for a common platform in which to assess and compare the potential of their renewable and non-renewable energy portfolios.
Global bioenergy production has been increasing, especially as bio-heat production for buildings and industrial uses and for the production of ethanol. Recently, significant progress has been witnessed in the commercialization and development of advanced biofuels, with expansion in the capacity and production of fuels by both thermal and biological routes. 

Bioenergy Sub-group

The development of bioenergy specifications and guidelines are undertaken by a Bioenergy Sub-group of the Renewable Energy Working Group. Expert volunteers of the Sub-group are led by Mr. James Primrose.
Membership of Bioenenergy Sub-group

Bioenergy Specifications

At the sixth session of the Expert Group on Resource Classification in April 2015, the Working Group on Application of UNFC to Renewable Energy was asked to prepare draft commodity-specific specifications for bioenergy for review at the eighth session in April 2017. Following review by the Expert Group at its eighth session in April 2017, the draft specifications were issued for public comment from 24 May 2017 to 23 July 2017 and subsequently revised based on the feedback received. The Specifications were endorsed by the UNECE Committee on Sustainable Energy at its twenty-sixth session, Geneva, 28 September 2017.
UNFC Specifications for Bioenergy Resources

Case Studies 

Five case studies have been prepared to facilitate understanding of the applicability of UNFC to Bioenergy Resources via the specifications and the Renewables Specifications.