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SED-NEW Energy and Youth


Energy and Youth

The role of youth in the energy transition is increasingly recognized as vital for driving innovation, promoting sustainability, and building resilient and carbon neutral energy systems. Young people bring fresh perspectives and creativity in addressing the challenges of transitioning to clean and renewable energy sources. The Committee on Sustainable Energy and its subsidiary bodies are empowering young people to be actively involved in shaping the sustainable energy future. Engaging youth in decision-making processes and fostering partnerships between governments, businesses, academia, and civil society are essential for harnessing the potential of young people as catalysts for transformative change in the energy sector. The active participation of youth is critical for accelerating the transition to a more sustainable and resilient eergy future. 



Resource Management Young Member Group  

RMYMG is a diverse group from Europe, North America, Central Asia and beyond. The group is made up of young individuals from diverse backgrounds, ranging from academic students and young professionals to representatives from industry, government, and civil society. RMYMG focuses on sustainable resource management, with members expressing their interest in all natural resources and energy sources such as mineral, anthropogenic resources, solar, wind, nuclear and hydrogen. RMYMG collaborates with members from other large youth organizations worldwide to ensure a global approach to addressing issues related to sustainable resource management. Contact [email protected] to become a member of RMYMG.   

Youth Engagement in the work of Group of Experts on Coal Mine Methane and Just Transition