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Modernization of official statistics



This work is coordinated by the High-Level Group for the Modernisation of Official Statistics (HLG-MOS) through four modernisation groups:

  • Blue-Skies Thinking Network
  • Supporting Standards Group
  • Capabilities and Communication Group
  • Applying Data Science and Modern Methods


The HLG-MOS is responsible for deciding on the annual flagship international collaboration projects undertaken within the UNECE statistical modernisation programme, as well as overseeing and providing strategic direction to the work programmes of the modernisation groups. The HLG-MOS reports directly to the Conference of European Statisticians.

In focus

The HLG-MOS is a group of committed Chief Statisticians actively steering the modernisation of ‎statistical organisations. Their mission is to work collaboratively to identify trends, threats, and opportunities in modernising statistical organisations. It provides a common platform for experts to develop solutions in a flexible and agile way. It is a voluntary collaboration of willing and able.

Outputs from HLG-MOS work will enable statistical organisations to:

Actively engage – Statistical organisations collaborate with key stakeholders such as government, researchers and the community to ensure statistical organisations have maximal impact in helping society to be more data driven.

Be a trusted data authority – Statistical organisations use their inherent strengths and expertise (for example, in privacy issues and data production) to advise and engage in discussions on the country’s data ecosystem. 

Adopt a service oriented approach – Statistical organisations respond to the demand for services from government, researchers and the community while remaining within the constraints of their mandate, priorities and resourcing.

Have an agile adaptive culture – Statistical organisations have a culture that anticipates and responds to a changing environment, as well as promotes collaboration across the organisation to deliver more quickly useful products and services. 


2022 Groups and Projects overseen by the Executive Board: