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Special Envoy Meets with EU Ambassadors to Deepen Cooperation on Road Safety

On 8 January, the Special Envoy hosted a meeting for Permanent Representatives of 21 EU States along with the Head of EU Delegation to the UN in Geneva and the European Coordinator for Road Safety, to boost cooperation with the best performing region on road safety and discuss opportunities for sharing best practices and extending support beyond the region.
In his opening remarks, the Special Envoy shared an update on UN Road Safety Trust Fund developments, with appreciation of a pledged contribution from the European Commission and relevant EU countries as well as encouragement of individual support from EU countries. He further encouraged EU Member States’ support in promoting accession to United Nations road safety conventions as a strong foundation for road safety regulatory framework. A possibility of establishing a cross-regional group of “Friends of Road Safety” in Geneva and New York was also discussed which would aim to support and promote efforts of the Special Envoy and the UN Road Safety Trust Fund. 
The EU’s contribution to improving road safety is significant, with 40-million-euro worth in on-going projects, specifically targeting the issue outside of EU.