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Other important meetings of the month

•     5 June - Mr Todt met with General Victor Kiryanov, Deputy Minister for Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, where the road safety issues and challenges at both national and global levels were discussed.
•     8 June – meeting of the Expert Group of the FIA High Level Panel for Road Safety discussed priorities for the Group, mainly funding.
•     13 June – Mr Todt met with H.E. Mr Francois Holland to discuss the broader road safety agenda.
•     19 June – at a meeting with Mr Bertrand Barde, Managing Director and Chief Financial Officer at the World Bank, different financial options for road safety as wellas the FIA High Level Panel for Road Safety were discussed.
•     22 June – a meeting was held with Mr Scott Ratzan, Adviser at Together for Safer Roads (TSR), where opportunities for collaboration were discussed. TSR brings together private-sector companies to focus on promoting industry best practices to improve road safety.
•     22 June – a meeting with Mr Ward was held to discuss the work carried out by NCAP, in particular on the promotion of U N regulations governing vehicle safety.