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World LPG Association: LPG Talks - Scott Foster, Director, Sustainable Energy Division, United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (March 2022)







Scott Foster: UN75 Keynote (September 2020)

Launched in January 2020, UN75 is the largest exercise mounted by the Organization to gather public opinion and crowdsource solutions to global challenges. UN75 is a global consultation that invites people to have their say on the future of the UN. The outcome of these events will be included in the results presented to world leaders in September 2020, at the official commemoration of the 75th Anniversary.





LinkedIn articles by Scott Foster, Director, Sustainable Energy at UNECE:

How can we achieve energy for sustainable development? (21 February 2019)
Resources for the Future: Meeting the Quality of Life Aspirations of 9 Billion (20 February 2019)
Reinventing Energy as a Service Industry (14 February 2019)
CO2 Story: Run, run, as fast as you can, you can’t catch me, nobody can (11 February 2019)
Renewable Energy: Get out of your own way (5 February 2019)
High Performance Buildings: An Assembly of Communities (31 January 2019)
Deep Transformation (29 January 2019)


The North American Passive House Network Conference took place in Oakland, California on 4-8 October 2017.
Mr. Scott Foster, Director, SED, keynote speech

The message by the Deputy Secretary General of the United Nations Ms. Amina Mohammed presented to the conference.


What is coal mine methane?
In an interview given to Ducascopy TV, The Chair of the Group of Experts on Coal Mine Methane Raymond Pilcher and the Vice Chair Clark Talkington explain in layman’s terms the importance of sustainable management of methane in coal mines.



Applying UNFC to Solar Energy - An Introduction
This video provides a short introduction to the application of UNFC to solar energy and the benefits it will bring in particular to investors in energy projects.



There is no scenario to 2050 in which even when it meets the 2 degree target-no scenario that has less than 40% fossil watch Scott Foster, UNECE’s Director of Sustainable Energy, interview with Dukascopy TV (EN)  (7 June 2016)



How can rethinking energy transform lives?
UNECE’s Director of Sustainable Energy, Scott Foster, participated in TEDxPlaceDesNations event that took place in Geneva on 11 February 2016 and gave an insightful talk about the energy mix today and the future of sustainable energy.








Webinar on Best Policy Practices for Promoting Energy Efficiency
hosted by The Copenhagen Centre on Energy Efficiency (C2E2) and the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) (16 March 2016) 
Download the pdf



UNECE’s Scott Foster: Promoting sustainable energy developments
Gastech News at the European Autumn Gas Conference, Geneva, 7 March 2016



Moving from volume to value based energy systems
Scott Foster, Special Edition | March 2016 | Commodities | AGEFI, Page 19





The Role of Fossil Fuels in a Sustainable Energy System
Scott Foster and David Elzinga
The persistent critical challenge is to ensure an improved quality of life and economic growth, while reducing the environmental footprint of the energy sector. The transition to a sustainable energy system is an opportunity to improve energy efficiency from source to use, minimize environmental impacts, reduce energy and carbon intensities, and correct energy market failures.
(UN Chronicle, Vol. LII No. 3 2015, December)


Dzioubinski, Energy Efficiency Programme Manager, speaks of the outcomes of the 6th International Forum on Energy for Sustainable Development
Олег Дзюбинский, ЕЭК ООН рассказывает о результатах 6-го Международного Форума по энергетике для устойчивого развития

Interview with Dukascopy TV, 15 October 2015


Can the world rely on renewable energy? Watch UNECE's Energy expert David Elzinga interview with Al Jazeera
22 Sep 2015



Business models and smart policies for scaling up renewable energy. Scott Foster, Director of the Sustainable Energy Division at UNECE, joined a high level panel at the Vienna Energy Forum 2015 to discuss business models and smart policies for scaling up renewable energy.  In his remarks Mr. Foster focused on the challenge to get on a determined pathway to sustainable energy, one that balances the enormous climate challenge the world faces with the reality that fossil fuel will retain an important share of the world's primary energy mix for the foreseeable future.
8 July 2015

The energy transition is underway. Energy efficiency is the largest contributor to CO2 reduction but it proves insufficient to reach climate objectives. Decarbonising remains essential. Watch UNECE's Energy expert David Elzinga interview by Nicolette de Joncaire of l'Agefi, presenting findings from his last study on the energy transition. (Interview in English and in Spanish)
5 June 2015

“UNECE on Energy” What are the last trends in terms of energy security and energy efficiency in the UNECE region?  What about a European Energy Union? What role will natural gas and renewable energies play in the foreseeable future? What are the trends regarding electric vehicles on our roads? Oleg Dzioubinski, UNECE Economic Affairs Officer for Energy Efficiency is interviewed by Dukascopy TV about Energy issues  (Interview in English and in Russian) (Also available on Youtube in English and in Russian)
6 May 2015

Oleg Dzioubinski, Energy Efficiency Programme Manager, speaks of the impact of rational use of energy resources on the world economy
Рациональное использование энергоресурсов существенно влияет на экономику планеты. Олег Дзюбинский, ЕЭК ООН
[in Russian] (Interview with Dukascopy TV, 31 October 2014)

Carbon capture and storage, a key to climate change mitigation: with over 60% of electricity generation of UNECE’s 56 member states coming from fossil fuels, CCS is essential to reach climate goals. Article by Scott Foster, Director, UNECE Sustainable Energy L’AEGFI Commodities Special Edition 2015 (page 16)

Fundamentals of the UNFC explained: Animated Presentation developed by the EGRC Communications Sub-Committee 

Smart Cities: Scott Foster was interviewed on the BBC Click programme regarding Smart Cities.  Since 70% of the 9 billion people on earth in 2050 will be living in cities, the challenges of sustainable urban development must be addressed.  Part of the solution could well be Smart Cities that integrate urban planning, architectural design, ICT and energy management to improve energy efficiency, reduce environmental pollution, provide innovative economically viable means to absorb urban growth including in LDCs, and enhance living conditions. Link to audio presentation.

Sustainable energy concepts: Scott Foster explains the underlying concepts of sustainable energy and provides examples of UNECE's work in the field. Link to video presentation.

UNFC: Michael Lynch-Bell, Chair of UNECE's Expert Group on Resource Classification, explains what the UNFC does and which players in the economy will be using the classification system. Link to video presentation.
Scott Foster explains how UNECE's work on resource classification fits with the UN's mandate of securing affordable and sustainable energy supply.  Link to video presentation.

UNECE and natural gas: Scott Foster, Director of UNECE's Sustainable Energy Division, explains the role and mission of the Division. He highlights the critical role that natural gas can play on the path to a sustainable energy future. Link to video presentation.Alexander Karasevich, Chairman, UNECE Working Party on Gas, Director General, OJSC "Gazprom Promgaz", explains how the Working Party on Gas works (in Russian). Link to video presentation. Gheorghe Radu, Vice Chairman, UNECE Working Party on Gas, Director, Investment and Technical Division, Romgaz, explains why the group launched a study on Underground Gas Storage (UGS) in Europe and Central Asia. Link to video presentation.