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Head of the Public Private Partnership Unit Central Project Management Agency, Lithuania

  • Over 20 years of experience in design, development and improvement of strategic planning systems, public finance planning and management systems (national and EU funds);
  • Practical experience in design and organization of implementation of state level reforms, changes management, inter-institutional coordination of reforms implementation in the field of strategic and budget planning;
  • Over 20 years of experience in design and development of institutional and legal systems and frameworks, rules and procedures for management of implementation of social economic development programs, monitoring of implementation, reporting on the progress and results;
  • Over 20 years of experience in organization and management of public investment programs planning process, setting the process roadmaps, working structures, involvement of the social economic partners, cost benefit analysis, risk and impact assessment for public investment projects;
  • 14 years of leading of the processes of setting the national Public private partnership (PPP) systems and structures, PPP projects planning and implementation, value for money assessment, development PPP models, organization and implementation of the selection process, supervision of implementation.
  • 12 years EU Structural funds & Cohesion Fund assistance programming, development of the management and control systems, monitoring and evaluation of implementation of the assistance programs;
  • 30 years of practice in capacity building (Investment planning and assessment, public private partnership), programs design and delivery;
  • Experience of working in teams and team management: international projects teams management, inter-institutional working groups.

Work experience

2009.11 to Present 
Head of the Public Private Partnership (PPP) Competence center Central Project Management Agency.

  • Development of the financial, legal and institutional framework for PPP implementation, drafting of methodology for PPP projects preparation and implementation, consultancy and guidance for public administration institutions at national and municipal level in PPP processes;
  • Methodological support and consultancy to national and municipal authorities in the field of preparation and evaluation of the public investment programs and projects, including the projects, financed from the EU Structural and Cohesion fund, development of the national cost benefit analysis methodology for investment projects preparation, assessment of social economic impact of investment projects;
  • Improvement of the effectiveness of public finance and public investments, participation in the preparation of strategic planning and budget planning reforms at national and municipal level, and support for implementation of the reforms;
  • Preparation of training programs and conducting of training for national and local public administration institutions (investments planning and assessment, projects preparation, PPP projects preparation and implementation).

2011.08 - 2012.11
Resident Twinning Advisor in Twinning project, Ministry of Regional Development and EU Funds, Zagreb, Croatia

  • Assistance to the Ministry of Regional development and the Ministry of Finance for the transition from IPA assistance to the EU Structural funds assistance, programming of EU structural and Cohesion funds, development of the Management and control system for EU Structural and Cohesion Funds;
  • Support to National Aid Coordinator (CODEF) to the harmonization and coordination of projects, addressing preparation to the EU regional policy and structural funds, cooperation with other relevant capacity building projects;
  • Capacity building in project development, assessment and selection at national and municipal level, training programs design and delivery.

2008.01 – 2009.11 
Director of the EU structural assistance department, Ministry of Economy of Republic of Lithuania

  • Implementation of EU-funded Regional cohesion and development programs (Energy infrastructure, energy efficiency, business, business support infrastructure, researches and development, innovations, investment infrastructure; tourism) – design and development of implementation measures, project selection and evaluation procedures, establishment of project evaluation criteria
  • Preparation of the legal and administrative system for establishment of the financial engineering instruments, partly financed from state budget and EU structural funds.

2001.11 – 2008.01 
Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Lithuania
Deputy director of the EU cohesion policy and structural funds coordination department
Head of EU cohesion policy division, EU programs management department,
Head of Structural Funds Management division, EU programs management department, Chief specialist in the Preparation to the EU Structural Funds management division,

  • Planning ands programing of the EU structural and cohesion funds, establishment of the partnership structures for involvement of many social economic partners into programming process, negotiation of the programs with European Commission,
  • Adjusting of national systems and structures for absorption and management of the EU funds assistance (national budget planning and financial flows, institutional set up, etc.)
  • Design and development of the management and control system of the EU structural and cohesion funds
  • Representation of Lithuania in the European Commission working structures
  • Supervision, monitoring and reporting on implementation of Development programs, Organization of activities of Monitoring Committee;
  • Development and delivery of Information and communication strategy;
  • Preparation to the accession to the European Union, and conversion from the EU pre-accession financial assistance to the EU structural and cohesion funds.

1994 – 2001 
Head of international cooperation and EU integration division, Lithuanian institute of public administration
Program manager of training programs, Lithuanian institute of public administration

  • Development of the EU accession training programs for civil servants: assessment of training needs, definition of training content, programs and training modules structures and content, selection of trainers, training of trainers, quality control of training content development and pilot testing of programs, accreditation of training programs
  • Preparation and management of various bilateral assistance projects, supporting capacity building at national and municipal level authorities
  • organization of development of training programs for civil servants, training of trainers, needs assessment 

Education and training

1986-1994 Engineer Geophysicist
Lithuanian State Geological Survey
01/08/2010–31/07/2015 Professional diploma in Public Private Partnership
Institute of Public Private Partnership, Washington DC, USA,
APMG Public Private Partnership Certificate
Training Bytesize UK, EBRD
01/09/1998–31/08/1999 Professional diploma in Management
Open University, UK
01/09/1986–31/08/1990 Master Degree in Nuclear geophysics
Sanct Petersburg University, Russia
Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, and Geology


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