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Workshop ''Energy efficient housing for sustainable development''

07 - 08 July 2014
Tirana Albania

The Albanian Government, through its Ministry of Energy and Industry and Ministry of Urban Development and Tourism, with the assistance of international organizations (UNECE, the International Finance Corporation [IFC] and the United Nations Development Programme [UNDP]) is harmonizing its legislation on energy efficiency and the energy performance of buildings.

Part of this collaborative process is the two-day workshop “Energy efficient housing for sustainable development”, which took place on 7 and 8 July 2014 in Tirana. The workshop was organized by the Albanian Government in cooperation with the UNECE, IFC and UNDP.

The workshop aimed to raise the awareness of stakeholders in Albania on the benefits of energy-efficient housing, informed them about the country’s obligations to reduce energy consumption in the residential sector as part of Albania’s accession to the European Union and discussed ongoing initiatives on energy efficient housing in Albania and internationally. The workshop highlighted building norms and standards, condominium management and the retrofitting of existing housing stock.



Title   ENG
Energy Performance in New and Refurbished Buildings in the Framework of the Law on Energy Efficiency in Albania
Ms. Eglantina Gjermeni, Ministry of Urban Development and Tourism, Albania




Energy Efficiency in Housing for Sustainable Development
Ms. Doris Andoni, National Housing Agency, Albania
Good Practices for Energy-Efficient Housing in the UNECE Region
Ms. Gulnara Roll, UNECE
Improving Methods for Legalization of Informal Settlements in Montenegro
Mr. Dragana Cenic, UNDP Montenegro
Energy efficient housing renovation in Estonia
Mr. Andres Jaadla, Estonian Union of Co-operative Housing Associations
EE Housing Savings Potential - Challenges of the Feasibility Analysis and Results of a Pilot Study in Tirana
Mr. Vesa Rutanen, UNDP Albania
Energy Efficiency in Residential Sector of Albania & Kosovo
Ms. Bajame Sefa, IFC Advisory Services in Europe and Central Asia
Energy Efficiency in Residential Sector of Armenia
Mr. Tigran Parvanyan, IFC
EE through Education and Research
Mr. Tigran Parvanyan, IFC
Energy efficient housing for sustainable development
Mr. Erdi Myftaraga, POLIS University
Energy Performance Certificate in Housing and problems associated
Mr. Ardian Islami, Ministry of Energy and Industry, Albania
Presentation of IZOTERM Albania
Kliton Jani, IZOTERM Albania
ECO Design and Application on Ecological Houses
Dr. Ing. Shpresa Caslli