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1999 Country Market Statements




Timber Committee

 Country Market Statements  

Documents are available in  PDF  format in the original languages received by the secretariat.

To read documents in PDF format you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader.  This software is free-of-charge and is available from the official Adobe WWW site:

Country market statements address the following subjects:
  • 1.  General economic trends affecting the forest and forest industries sector
    2.  Developments in forest products markets sectors:
    •  Pulp and paper 
    • Roundwood including pulpwood
    • Softwood (sawnwood and logs)
    • Hardwood (sawnwood and logs)
    • Wood-based panels (particle board, fibreboard and MDF, OSB, plywood)
    •  Certified forest products
    3. Tables
    • Economic indicators
    • Forest products production and trade in 1998, 1999 and 2000. 
The Committee encouraged delegations to submit Country Market Statements in electronic format.  The following Market Statements were received and are set out below without any changes or editing.  Other member countries wishing to be added to the list are invited to send their texts to the secretariat at the address below.


Austria PDF
Czech Republic PDF
Finland PDF
Estonia PDF
Germany PDF
Lithuania PDF
Norway PDF
Russia PDF
Sweden PDF
Switzerland PDF
United Kingdom PDF
United States PDF