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First Environmental Performance Review of Morocco


The United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (ECE) Environmental Performance Review Programme assesses progress made by individual countries in reconciling their economic and social development with environmental protection, as well as in meeting international commitments on environment and sustainable development.

The Environmental Performance Review Programme assists countries to improve their environmental policies by making concrete recommendations for better policy design and implementation. Environmental Performance Reviews help to integrate environmental policies into sector-specific policies such as those in agriculture, energy, transport and health. Through the peer review process, the reviews promote dialogue among Governments about the effectiveness of environmental policies as well as the exchange of practical experience in implementing sustainable development and green economy initiatives. They also promote greater Government accountability to the public.
This report provides detailed analyses of Morocco’s legal and institutional frameworks in respect of the environment, and its financing of environmental policies, with specific focus on agriculture, energy, industry, health, biodiversity, water and waste management. The purpose of the recommendations of the Environmental Performance Review is to support policymakers, representatives of civil society, the business community and other actors in their efforts to improve environmental management. The review also aims to promote sustainable development in Morocco, as well as strengthen Morocco’s cooperation with the international community.

Due to their proven usability and effectiveness, Environmental Performance Reviews have attracted the attention of countries outside the ECE region. This led to requests for a transfer of know-how from ECE to other UN regional commissions. Morocco is the first country outside the ECE region to be reviewed by ECE. This has been done in cooperation with the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (Read further  The Environmental Performance Review, a powerful tool for achieving Sustainable Development).

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