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UNDA Project 1819AE: Republic of Moldova - Evaluation of the Programme on the green economy and its Action Plan and drafting of a new Programme


Green economy has not been absent from the legal and political framework of the Republic of Moldova. Indeed, as the third EPR of the country underlined already in 2014, the promotion of the green economy was under consideration to be included in the draft of the Environmental Strategy for 2014–2023. Moreover, the country had already adopted different mechanisms in line with this paradigm. For example, the organic sector was significantly developed, both on the commercial and political sides, compared to its neighbors of the Eastern Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia regions. Within the energy sector, a spectrum of sustainable initiatives regarding energy efficiency, renewables, or biogas was in place. However, the concept of “green economy” was still little understood and not widespread.

Since then, the Republic of Moldova has made significant steps forward. The National Development Strategy “Moldova 2030”, approved by the Government in June 2020, integrated the concept of promotion of the circular and green economy. In 2018, the country adopted the Programme on the Promotion of Green Economy and its Action Plan for years 2018–2020. This short period of time allowed the Government to ensure capacity building of all the parties at stake. Implementations were assessed under the supervision of the Ministry of Environment.

The UNDA project provides assistance by assessing the implementations of the Programme and the Action Plan 2018-2020 through the evaluation of the level of implementation of the actions, estimated at around 50-60 per cent, and of their impacts. Based on this evaluation, a new programme for the years 2022–2027 is under development. The assistance not only includes a support for the draft programme as well as spurring public consultations for the draft programme.

Green economy is a proficient tool in meeting economic recovery while achieving not only the environment related goals but also several others of the Agenda 2030. With an efficient programme promoting the green economy, the country will be in a good position to offer a sustainable environment with economic opportunities, key to contribute to the well-being of its population.