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UNDA Project 1819AE: Republic of Moldova - Evaluation of the implementation of the Environmental Strategy for the period 2014-2023 and development of a draft environmental strategy


The third EPR of the Republic of Moldova highlighted that a national environmental strategy was still missing in the country. At this time, only a draft was under preparation. The strategy was initially planned for the years 2013–2023.

In 2014, the Government developed and adopted the Environmental Strategy and the Action Plan for its implementation. With a 2023 horizon, the strategy aims at guaranteeing and strengthening the right of its population to a sustainable, unpolluted and healthy environment in line with the economic development. Its action plan sets the actions for a period of 10 years as well as shorter and mid-terms targets. The Ministry in charge, namely the Ministry of Environment, is expected to report annually on the current state of achievement of the strategy.

UNECE assistance allows to pursue these efforts. The UNDA project supports the review of the implementation of the strategy and its action plan since 2014 through the elaboration of various reports. Among others, a report assessed the implementation of all the 115 actions for the 2015–2020 period of the strategy. In addition, a support is provided to the Ministry in charge to organize public consultations to discuss and evaluate the progress of the Environmental Strategy 2014–2023. Outputs will serve to formulate recommendations for priority areas for the draft of the next Environmental Strategy until 2030.

Not only will this support provide an important basis and help for the draft of the new strategy, but it will also encourage the country on its road to meet the goals of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. Indeed, having precise actions and targets which are consistently evaluated and improved is key in the successful process to guarantee the population a sustainable environment.