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Eleni Bakoula

Eleni Bakoula








Ms. Eleni Bakoula is a Legal Counsel in Athens Urban Transport Organization (OASA SA) and practicing Lawyer before the Supreme Court (Areios Pagos). She has been an Associate Lecturer in Manchester University (UK) and she is a PhD Candidate with particular research interest in European Law, Business Law, Public Procurement and PPP’s.

She possesses extensive practicing experience in Public Procurement and PPP’s, as she is managing a vast portfolio of Public Procurement in OASA and 2 major PPP’s, namely the “Telematics System for Public Transport” (the scope of the project is the design, financing, installation, maintenance, technical management of a passengers' information and fleet management system for public transport in Athens) and the “Automatic Fare Collection System for Public Transport” (the scope of the project is the design, financing, installation, maintenance and technical management of an Automatic Fare Collection System in Public Transport in Athens.). Moreover, Eleni as a Lecturer has been teaching among others Course Units like SDG’s, Sustainability, Ethical Business, Environmental Law, European Law, Human Rights Law etc.

She holds a Bachelor of Laws (LLB Hons, Swansea University, UK), a Master of Laws in European Law (LLM, Cardiff University, UK), a Postgraduate diploma with specialization in Teaching (Manchester Metropolitan University) and she is a PhD Candidate in Law (Faculty of Law, University of Athens).

Eleni has been a member-expert in UNECE Working Party on Public-Private Partnerships since 2016 as academia, representing Manchester University (UK) and has been representing Greece and OASA since 2020 in UNECE. 

She co-organised as part of the Greek representation (Mayor of Athens, the Government of Greece, and the University of Athens) with the UNECE Secretariat, the 7th UNECE International Public-Private Partnerships Forum in Athens, Greece, from 3-5 May 2023 and presented the "Telematics System for Public Transport" Project. 

Eleni has been actively involved in UNECE the last 6 years and has been eager to offer her knowledge and experience to contribute to the important work of the Bureau in all those milestone pillars like Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), PPP’s, Infrastructure and civil society, e.g. Member of the Project Team involved in the completion of Phase I (2020) of the PPP Evaluation Methodology for the Sustainable Development Goals (PIERS/ ECE/CECI/2023/4) - active member of the Stakeholder Engagement Sub-group.

Eleni overall possess a strong academic and business oriented profile both in Law and Business, and strongly proposes that our challenge to sustainable infrastructure is to construct and manage PPPs in accordance with a broader set of objectives that create “value for people” and “value for the planet”. After all, Infrastructure is about bettering the lives of people and communities. 


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