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Third Forum of UNECE Working Party on Regulatory Cooperation and Standardization Policies to focus on digital, green transformation including AI

AI robot

Would you trust artificial intelligence (AI) in your heart? This is not some imaginary, science-fiction scenario. Biomedical companies are already developing pacemakers embedded with AI. Digital technologies like AI are also opening new possibilities such as improved management of natural resources and facilitating the shift towards a circular economy.  

At the same time, they pose a number of risks that present a number of challenges for regulatory processes. That is why it is essential that there are harmonized standards in place to monitor products embedded with AI which will continue to adapt and transform over the product’s life cycle. 

The UNECE Working Party on Regulatory Cooperation and Standardization Policies (WP.6) will host its Third Forum focused on digital, green transformation including AI. The forum will be held in hybrid format from 2 to 5 April 2024.   

  • The first conference on 2 April will consider the challenges faced by regulatory agencies and lay down the principles of risk management in relation to the digital, green transition.  

  • The second conference on 3 April will focus on a gender perspective to the digital, green transition in relation to product regulations and how to ensure that women are also taken into consideration.  

  • The third conference on 4 April will deliberate on how the evolution in digital technology may change the way that market surveillance and associated regulatory procedures are conducted.  

Over the past years, WP.6 has developed the AI project to create a common regulatory arrangement along with a declaration that member States can sign on to for the harmonization of regulations for products embedded with AI. As many United Nations agencies working on AI issues will gather at the AI for Good Global Summit to advance issues such as health, climate, gender, inclusive prosperity, and sustainable infrastructure, this project will contribute to the momentum, by providing regulatory guidance for members States and businesses to balance reducing technical barriers to trade while maintaining robust market surveillance and risk management.  

The project has already delivered a paper detailing how standardization and harmonization of regulations are necessary for the transition to a digital, green economy. More information about the WP.6 AI project is available here: 

We are entering a brave, new world where AI can be an incredible tool for creating positive, sustainable transformation across the globe. We just must ensure that our regulatory systems both protect us from the risk of products embedded with AI while not reducing its potential for enhanced competitiveness and market growth. That is why there must be strong, harmonized international standards, and WP.6 is working to help develop those standards. 


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