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Youth Engagement


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At its 18th session held in March 2023 in Geneva, the Group of Experts on Coal Mine Methane and Just Transition observed that it is necessary to attract the young generation of professionals to cooperate with the Group on shaping the future of the coal mining regions and their local industries.

As Ms. Caitlan Frederick, Research Associate at IGSD, and founding co-chair of the Fast Action on Climate to Ensure Intergenerational Justice (FACE Intergenerational Justice) initiative, eloquently expressed during her intervention at that meeting: 

... Youth are critical stakeholders in climate change. As the inheritors of the planet, we must be able to exercise our voice in these discussions. Beyond the need to include and empower young people in decision-making spaces and avoid tokenizing youth representation, we also provide a space for young people to gain valuable skills in climate work. Whether this be our technical abilities to reach wide audiences through social media platforms, or our fresh perspectives with innovative ideas, or the fact that people under 26 make up half of the world's population, or even just the passion needed to appropriately address the urgency of the crisis, youth are powerful advocates in climate work ... 

... Youth are also critical in a just transition from coal. Of course, all generations of people in a coal-dependent community will experience change. In a transition that changes the structure of the economy, training young people is an investment into the future of the community. Young people will forge how the economy shapes up when coal mines are shut down, we will mend the skill gap. It would then be effective to consult us, and learn more about the pathways with the least resistance ... 

Below please find resources and Group's activities related to the subject of youth engagement

Meetings and events

Meeting with students from University of Gdansk 

61st United Nations Graduate Study Programme


Statement Youth and Environment Europe (YEE) delivered by Mr. Paul Segalard at the 18th session of the Group of Experts on Coal Mine Methane and Just Transition held in March 2023 in Geneva.