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UNDA 9th tranche

Strengthening national capacities for sustainable housing and urban development in countries with economies in transition

Countries in the UNECE region with economies in transition face many common housing challenges, including low energy efficiency standards in housing; low housing affordability due to a limited provision of social housing and/or subsidy systems; underdeveloped rental markets; lack of expertise of the governments in strategic planning of housing and urban development; and lack of policy coordination between stakeholders at national and subnational levels.

As a result of these and other social, environmental, organizational and financial challenges, they experience a growing degradation and deterioration of the housing stock, which results in a limited access of the population to affordable, health and energy-efficient housing.

The project, which is implemented in 2014 – 2017, will support sustainable housing in four selected countries with economies in transition (Armenia, Republic of Moldova, Serbia and Tajikistan) by assisting their national governments in the formulation and implementation of relevant policies and by developing National Action Plans for Sustainable Housing and Urban Development.

Countries project activities

  • The establishment of high-level inter-ministerial Steering Committees
  • Development and support to the implementation of national action plans on sustainable housing and urban development
  • Annual national workshops on housing and urban development

Selected Countries


         Armenia                    Republic of Moldova                      Serbia                              Tajikistan


  • Guidelines for drafting a National Action Plan for the implementation of recommendations of UNECE Country Profiles on Housing and Land Management in transition economies on the basis of the Geneva UN Charter on Sustainable Housing
          Download (English)
          Download (Russian)
  • Guidelines for drafting and implementation of the National Action Plan in transition economies on the basis of the Geneva UN Charter on Sustainable Housing
          Download (English)

Regional Meetings

Project Partners

For more information on the project, please contact:
Gulnara Roll
Secretary to the Committee on Urban Development, Housing and Land Management
United Nations Economic Commision for Europe
E-mail: [email protected]