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Country visit in Argentina

A federal republic in South America, Argentina is an upper middle-income country with 43.4 million inhabitants and per capita income of $10,112 (World Bank, 2015). As per the WHO estimate, Argentina suffers from 5,619 road traffic fatalities annually, 64 percent of which are represented by drivers of 4-wheelers, according to its National Road Safety Agency (ANSV) data. According to the WHO, Argentina has strong laws addressing child seats, helmets and seat-belt use; however, drink-driving and speeding laws need to be improved. Argentina has not acceded to any of the United Nations Road Safety Conventions.

On 13-14 March 2017, the Special Envoy held the following bilateral meetings in Buenos Aires:
Mr. Carlos Perez, Executive Director of Road Safety National Agency of Argentina (ANSV)
The Special Envoy gave an overview of his mandate and activities and expressed his appreciation to the National Agency for hosting a regional workshop in Buenos Aires. The Executive Director summarized national road safety policies within the framework of the federal system and challenges to harmonize implementation of policies across provinces and municipalities. Data collection shortfalls exist with variation of methodologies used across the provinces, resulting in incomparable data being reported. Another issue highlighted during the meeting was lack of resources, therefore needs for capacity building trainings were flagged. ECE and ECLAC offered resources and support in this regard.

H.E. Ambassador Pedro Villagra Delgado Abridged, Vice-Minister of Foreign Affairs
The Special Envoy provided an overview of his mandate and key objectives. He also underlined that Argentina is not a contracting party to any of the United Nations Road Safety Conventions and encouraged accession. The Vice-Minister expressed his interest in accession.
United Nations Country Team of Argentina
The Special Envoy provided an overview of his mandate and activities, as well as current priorities. The UN Country Team chaired by the UN Resident Coordinator presented an overview of current activities in the country. The PAHO and the World Bank gave a presentation on the ongoing regional road safety activities, including the status on the regional road safety observatory (OISEVI) and upcoming UN Global Road Safety Week. The following members of the UN Country Team participated during the meeting:

  • Mr. René Mauricio Valdez, United Nations Resident Coordinator
  • Mrs. Jessica Braver, Coordination Analyst
  • Dr. Sebastian Laspiur, road safety focal point at Pan-American Health Organization (PAHO)
  • Ms. Verónica Raffo, Infrastructure Senior Specialist at World Bank

H.E. Mr. Guillermo Dietrich Minister of Transport of Argentina
The Special Envoy presented his mandate and expressed his appreciation to the Ministry of Transport for their commitment to road safety and for hosting a regional workshop in Buenos Aires. During the press conference with the Special Envoy, Mr. Perez and media, the Minister of Transport shared about the Ministry’s efforts to improve road safety, including the updated driver’s licenses.