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2023 - UN/CEFACT - Media Clippings

Opinion: Looking for the perfect Christmas gift? Make sure it wasn’t made with slave labor
by Kezban Yagci Sokat, assistant professor of business analytics at the Lucas College of Business at San Jose State University

Italy: The sustainable projects of Radici, a Bergamo group worth over 1.5 billion euros
22/12/2023      Original language: Italian

Shipnext and FONASBA partner to raise standards in online shipping

Russia: The introduction of electronic document management e-CMR on trucks was accompanied by overcoming not only technical difficulties
18/12/2023  Original language: Russian

Australia: Financial sector must embrace "trust architecture" – CEO

Clothing with DNA and a drone sprayer - innovations in the textile industry of Uzbekistan
13/12/2023      Original language: Russian

China: Xianyu debuted at COP28 and set the goal of “serving 1 billion users and reducing carbon emissions by 55 million tons”
11/12/2023    Original language: Chinese

Centralizing profiles of sustainable small businesses in the textile industry

Textiles discarded in Europe end up in Africa
07/12/2023      Original language: Spanish  

Stella McCartney: forging the future of sustainable fashion

The Latest Sustainability Trends in Fashion

Traceability and measurement of circularity in Fashion
28/11/2023    Original language: Italian

Ministry of Transport: About 30% of containers return back to Uzbekistan without cargo
15/11/2023        Original language: Russian

Uzbekistan shares significant global opportunity with fashion buyers

Bureau Veritas Propels African Trade Revolution with Single Window Solutions for Seamless Processes

Kyrgyz Republic: Nurbek Maksutov elected Vice-Chairman of UN/CEFACT
11/11/2023      Original language: Russian

ICC initiative unveils blueprint to standardise language of trade, sidestep data duplication

Germany supports the development of trade in Central Asia

Interview with Marco Casanova, Director of the ESG Center of Excellence

Better Cotton Signs UN Pledge for Traceability and Transparency

Italy: Fortune magazine’s Most powerful women in Italy in 2023 
16/10/2023    Original language: Italian 

China: Hong Kong research group is scaling up city’s ‘green machine’ to recycle more textile, clothing waste and support cotton farming

Italy: UNIC and ICEC protagonists of the SDA Bocconi Monitor Circular – VIDEO
13/10/2023        Original language: Italian

International trade: What you need to know this month

The meeting in Milan of the Leather Traceability Cluster of Cotance
27/09/2023     Original language: Italian

Opinion: Australia- Ensuring Sustainable Global Value Chains of Environmentally Critical Minerals

Experts concerned about impact of EU due diligence law on Global South
25/09/2023      Original language: German

Nigeria: Stakeholders kick against NCS Act, say law contradicts international trade practice

EU Announces its Readiness to Use Global Standards for Sharing Fisheries Data

What Is Electronic Data Interchange For Administration, Commerce And Transport (EDIFACT)?

What Is Electronic Data Interchange For Administration, Commerce And Transport (EDIFACT)?

Korea: Strengths of 'K-procurement' system shared with diplomats from 13 Asia-Pacific countries

FIT Alliance drives digital transformation in international trade with its eBL Statement
06/09/2023    Original language: Spanish

UNECE-ECLAC study on used clothing in Chile
28/08/2023    BBC 4  - World at One

Nigeria: NEPC Wants Stakeholders To Improve Trade Facilitation For Non Oil Export

Nigeria: NEPC urges stakeholders on improved trade facilitation for export

Vietnam : Profiter des avantages géographiques pour le transport

India a safe haven to park investments

Towards open-minded cargo communities at airports

Opinion: International Approaches to TradeTech Policymakiing
26/07/2023   By Jago Corry, Programme and Policy Assistant, TechUK

Trade facilitation deal brooks no delay

Switzerland - International experts in Lugano: sustainability and blockchain will save us
22/07/2023      Original language: Italian

Chile: A Dark Secret Lies In The Atacama Desert

Better Cotton Signs UN Pledge For Traceability And Transparency

Stella McCartney Releases 100% Regenerative Cotton T-Shirt

The first preparatory meeting of the working group on the pilot project on the use of the electronic consignment note on TRACECA routes was held
07/07/2023   Original language: Russian

Worldwide Resonant Agreement from the Textile Giant!
05/07/2023   Original language: Turkish

Global Fashion Summit—Focus Needed, Notable Absentees, And The O Word

Report: Cotton industry transparency inevitable, slow to come

Textile "waste colonialism" in Chile: 156 million kilos imported
26/06/2023  Original language: Austrian  Approximately 10 articles

Better Cotton project aims to legitimize Uzbekistan cotton authenticity

Interview With Camilla Carrara: Zerobarracento’s Core Principles Are 0% Waste, 100% Transparency And Traceability

Better Work Program officially launches in Uzbekistan

The delegation of Kyrgyzstan took part in the 40th UN/CEFACT Forum in Geneva
Original language: Russian   15/05/2023

The Trick project traces the products of Italian fashion
03/05/2023   Original language: Italian

International and Baltic Maritime Council promotes the use of electronic bill of lading

Turning unused textiles into recycled yarn

Revised IMO Compendium on facilitation and electronic business approved

Stella McCartney Corrals Rabbits, Cows, and a Goat for New Campaign

Discussing the 22 Agenda, Indonesia Proposes Discussion of the Single Window Concept

France updates guidelines for mandatory electronic invoicing

From Europe to Africa and Asia: the journey of discarded textiles

The Cotance table on traceability with certifiers
02/03/2023      Original language: Itailan

Opinion: Sustainable Manufacturing Insights, Developments, Software and Automation
20/02/2023  Written by Debbie McKeegan, she is FESPA’s Textile Ambassador and curator of the Printeriors showcase

Donner une seconde vie à ses habits

Why fabric fraud is so easy to hide

The 36th edition of Milano Unica closes with a strong increase in foreign buyers
03/02/2023   Original Language: Italian

“Stella McCartney” launches “environmentally regenerative” cotton shirts Collaborating with Turkish companies since 2019 
02/02/2023   Original Language: Japanese 

eComex, the technological "e-cosystem" of foreign trade 
02/02/2023    Original Langauge: Spanish 

Milano Unica at the start with 475 exhibitors
30/01/2023     Original Language: Italian  

The role of ship agents and shipbrokers in a digital shipping environment

How to read a UN Location (Port) Code 

IOTA Distributed Ledger: Beyond Blockchain for Supply Chains

DCSA publishes data and process standards for bill of lading preparation and issuance

Transform the fashion industry. Stella McCartney's challenge to change history
20/01/2023     Original Language: Japanese  

Removing the barrier to transparency – New digital blockchain solution introduced by Fibretrace® at no cost for the global industry 

UN/CEFACT aims to bring some light into 'black box' supply chains