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UN-Habitat Daring Cities 2020 webinar

On 22 October 2020, the Special Envoy delivered opening remarks during Daring Cities 2020 webinar on mobility “The role of transport for urban resilience – COVID-19, climate emergency, and other crises”.


Throughout his remarks, the Special Envoy highlighted the importance for countries and cities to build back better, with a special focus on urban resilience; resilience against future pandemics, and also climate change, road fatalities and other crises. The Special Envoy also shared about the impact of COVID-19 on road safety as well as the opportunity given to many cities to review urban street design policies and to test new mobility systems, such as closing streets to motorized vehicles, promoting cycling and walking corridors. He encouraged to learn from the crisis and explore ways to maintain lower levels of individual motorized transport.

The Special Envoy elaborated on other benefits, such as less green-house gas emissions as well as noise and air pollution, greater health benefits of active transport and enhanced social inclusion all contributing to greater resilience of urban dwellers.