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UNRSF webinar “Road safety at the time of COVID-19”


On 24 July 2020, the Special Envoy delivered opening remarks at the UNRSF webinar “Road Safety at the time of COVID-19”. The event was a forum to look at COVID-19 crisis as an opportunity to build back better and discuss the potentially transformative impact on road safety in low- and middle-income countries.

The Special Envoy highlighted the opportunity given by COVID-19 to rethink mobility systems as well as challenge governments to adjust and strengthen their road and transport systems to prepare for the modal shift required during COVID-19 and in preparation of future outbreaks. He congratulated on the Fund’s investments aimed to build sustained political commitment, through strategic partnerships with governments, civil society, regional bodies, development banks and the private sector.

In conclusion, the Special Envoy encouraged to take vigorous action towards reducing road traffic fatalities and injuries since, unlike COVID-19, road crashes are predictable, and it is possible to act directly on the causes of this tragedy.

Click here for the full video of the webinar.