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E278: European Forest Sector Outlook Study III



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Concept Paper or Project Document:


Concept paper

Project doc, including the budget

Annual Progress Reports:



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Part I. Planning
(to be filled in before submission to EXCOM)
Part II. Implementation
(to be used for reporting on progress in the implementation of the project in real time)1,2

Expected accomplishments

Planned activities

Estimated costs (US$)


Implemented activities3

Actual expenditures4 (US$)3

EA 1: Enhanced capacity of policymakers and other stakeholders of forest and forest services and products to develop evidence-based forest policies

A1.1  Development of the European Forest Outlook Study III (EFSOS III) 





A1.2  Organization of 3 expert workshops on forest sector outlook



Total: 100,000 Total:  

1 The secretariat shall inform EXCOM in case of unexpected developments or serious problems of any kind in the project implementation.
2 Questions from member States on project implementation will be forwarded to the secretariat.
Relevant information should be uploaded by the project manager on the Project Monitoring Tool within one month from the end of the activity and include the following:
(a) For an advisory service (including at a workshop/seminar/training organized by other organizations): title; venue; dates; project expenditures; and hyperlink(s) to presentation(s) and other relevant documents;
(b) For a workshop/conference/training organized by UNECE: title; venue; dates; project expenditures; and hyperlinks to the meeting agenda, list of participants, presentation(s) made by UNECE, conference documents, training materials and reports;
(c) For a consultancy: project expenditures; hyperlinks to the consultancy ToR and main outputs (study, report, training material, presentation, etc.) produced by the consultant/s;
(d) For other outputs not included under bullet points above: hyperlink to relevant documents.  
[1] Relevant financial information – certified by the Executive Office - should be uploaded by the project manager on the Project Monitoring Tool within one month from the end of the activity.