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Resource Mobilization


Resource Mobilization Strategy

Resource Mobilization in UNECE aims to mobilize extrabudgetary resources to support the implementation of the mandated UNECE programme of work, in support of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the Addis Ababa Action Plan. 

UNECE - Resource Mobilization Strategy


Governance Measures

In the Work Plan on the UNECE Reform adopted in December 2005, the Commission requested that “Any change in resources (both regular budget and extrabudgetary) materializing after the adoption of the programme budget by the General Assembly shall be presented to the Executive Committee for approval.” Since 2006, UNECE has undertaken continuous efforts to improve the efficiency and transparency of the management of extrabudgetary contributions in UNECE.

Governance Measures for the Management of Extrabudgetary Contributions

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Funding of UNECE priorities

UNECE is funded through the section 20 of the regular budget of the United Nations. UNECE initial appropriation for 2021 amounts to US$ 36,248,500. UNECE activities are supplemented by voluntary contributions, also referred to as extrabudgetary contributions. UNECE extrabudgetary contributions are estimated at US$ 19,331,900 for 2021 (A/76/6(Sect.20)

UNECE priority areas for 2021-2022 are outlined in the UNECE Resource Mobilization Plans, annexed in the Annual report on Technical Cooperation