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Road Map for Accession to and Implementation of the United Nations 1998 Agreement


The implementation of vehicle regulations related activities demonstrated that, through accession to and implementation of the 1998 Agreement, vehicles safety will be increased considerably. However, the main issue for many countries remains how to prepare for accession and implementation of this Agreement so that they can benefit from its provisions, ensuring that safer and less polluting vehicles are used in their countries.

This brochure, prepared by the secretariat of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (ECE), presents the main steps and several sub-steps that countries worldwide wishing to accede to and fully implement the 1998 Agreement, are advised to follow (the Road Map).

The first two steps deal with the preparatory work for accession, including coordination and responsibilities and highlight the strategic issues that need to be considered before accession. Step three exclusively deals with accession to the agreement, eligibility and related procedures. Step four lays out the process for the development and establishment of UN Global Technical Regulations (GTRs).