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Implementation of CEVNI Revision 5

UNECE provides a common basis for harmonized traffic regulations on European waterways through the European Code for Inland Waterways (CEVNI), which contains the core uniform rules applicable to traffic on inland waterways. The fifth revised edition of CEVNI (CEVNI 5, available as PDF and online) issued in 2015 is the most harmonized version of the document which brings together the best practices from the existing traffic regulations of River Commissions and UNECE member States.
The publication is based on the information on the implementation of CEVNI by UNECE member States and River Commissions, which has been collected by UNECE since 2010. It gives an overview of the history and the application scope of CEVNI by member States and River Commissions, regional and national special requirements and provides recommendations for further increasing the use of CEVNI within the ECE region and beyond.
Available for free download: PDF