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EATL Phase III Report

The United Nations Economic Commission for Europe has a long history of support for developing transport connections between Europe and Asia.  The EATL project, Phase I (2002–2007), Phase II (2008–2012) and Phase III (2013–2017) made transport between Europe and Asia a reality.  Phase III gathered 38 countries from Europe and Asia and concluded that road and rail transportation along Euro-Asian corridors is supplementing rather than competing with maritime transport, providing alternative delivery options, especially for high value and time-sensitive cargo, including in the context of growing e-commerce between Europe and Asia.  While listing and describing key achievements and accomplishments the EATL Phase III report also identifies and documents remaining inter-operability challenges on Euro-Asian routes.
The EATL Phase III Report is available in English.
Sales No. E.19.II.E.9
ISBN 978-92-1-117187-7
eISBN 978-92-1-047592-1