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(WP.29/GRVA) Working Party on Automated/Autonomous and Connected Vehicles (informal part of the 19th session)

Informal meeting in English only

20 May (10:30) - 24 May (12:30) 2024
Troy, Michigan United States of America

Details concerning the informal part of the 19th GRVA, modus operandi:

The 19th session will be composed of an informal part (20-24 May 2024, Troy, USA) and of a formal part (25 June 2024, Palais des Nations).

The formal part, scheduled on 25 June 2024, is a 1-hour session. Given the number of topics on the agenda and the number of documents prepared for the 19th session, the informal part of the 19th session will advice GRVA on the documents. The technical discussions will take place in Troy, in order to prepare a draft list of decision for adoption at the formal session on 25 June 2024.   

Details concerning the informal part in Troy, Mi (United States of America)

-The session will be without French and Russian simultaneous translation (english only)
-The agenda and the format will be structured to welcome and encourage display and demonstrations of vehicle technologies. It will of course include the current items scheduled for adoption in May 2024 by GRVA. The running order being prepared for the session include two afternoon sessions of the week for practical demonstrations.

Displays and demonstrations opportunities

Information was provided at the discovery meeting on January 16, 2024, Walter Washington Convention Center 801 Allen Y. Lew Place NW. Washington, DC  20001  
(Site of 2024 SAE Government Industry Meeting, Room 154B)

(Representatives of Contracting Parties may wish to apply for a G-2 visa).
Invitation letters can be prepared upon request.

Remote participation

A link will be posted on this website to allow remote participation

Session documents

The agenda and the session documents will be posted on the webpage dedicated to the 19th session (official part).

Logistical information

55754 _ (Chair) Invitation letter _ 387261 _ English _ 773 _ 405335 _ pdf
55754 _ (Host) Logistical information _ 387262 _ English _ 773 _ 402982 _ pdf