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Third Session – Team of Specialists on Sustainable Fisheries

04 February 2020
Room IV, Palais des Nations Geneva Switzerland


Overfishing and Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated Fishing (IUU) are destructive fishing practices that have a negative impact on sustainable fisheries, livelihoods, and world fish stocks. In recent years, IUU fishing has accounted for a staggering 25% of fish of the annual ocean harvest and was valued at up to $23 billion. This value is lost each year to legitimate fishers. In addition to economic damage, such practices threaten local biodiversity and food security in many countries. An essential step for an effective management of fish resources is the timely acquisition of information on vessels, stocks and catches as well as the exchange of such information between stakeholders.

To address this, UNECE established the Team of Specialists on Sustainable Fisheries, which promotes, facilitates and supports the implementation of sustainable fisheries standards on a global scale, particularly the Fisheries Language for Universal Exchange (UN/FLUX).

The third session of the Team of Specialists on Sustainable Fisheries is scheduled to take place in Geneva on 4 February 2020. Participation in this session will be a key opportunity to be involved in ongoing work and setting the Team’s future agenda.

The UNECE Secretariat welcomes key stakeholders from all United Nations Member States to work closely to support the development, enhancement and maintenance of sustainable fishery management practices. As the UN/FLUX standard is adopted by more and more countries, the Team of Specialists is playing a growing role in the fight against IUU.

The Team of Specialists is open to experts with the knowledge and experience to address its mandate, and should be drawn from governmental institutions, business, civil society, consumer organizations, and international organizations.

Documents and Presenrations

Item 1: Adoption of the agenda
Agenda - ToSSF/2020/INF.1

Item 2: Progress on Programme of Work
Programme of Work - ToSSF/2020/INF.2
Progress report on the programme of work -  ToSSF/2020/INF.3

Item 3: Implementation and documentation
UN/FLUX Policy Brief - ToSSF/2020/INF.6
Case Story: UN/FLUX implementation in Spain
Presentation: Promotional and Communication Materials, EU-DG MARE

Item 4: Reports from institutions and experts

Item 5: Planning of future activities
Planned activities in 2020 - ToSSF/2020/INF.5
Presentation: UN/FLUX for catch certificates, EU-DG MARE

Item 6: Other business

Item 7: Adoption of the decisions and report
Decisions adopted
Report of the Meeting - ToSSF/2020/INF.4

Secreatiat Contacts

Mr. Markus Pikart 
Secretary of the Team of Specialist on Sustainable Fisheries
[email protected]

Mrs. Aruna Vivekanantham
[email protected]