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Ninth session of the SPECA Project Working Group on Trade

03 July 2015
Room XII, Palais des Nations Geneva Switzerland

The UNECE supports regional cooperation in the area of trade in the region which includes Central Asia, Afghanistan and Azerbaijan, through a regional working group on trade. In order to further develop support for trade in this region, UNECE would like to invite the countries of the region, as well as ITC, UNCTAD, UNIDO, OECD, and other international agencies to deepen their collaboration in this endeavour.

UNECE organized preparatory consultations on this question with the countries’ Permanent Missions in Geneva on 5 May 2015, which showed clear interest by the participating countries. The purpose of this high-level Seminar is for countries to outline their priorities for enhanced regional cooperation and to identify possible joint actions by international organizations in support of these priorities.


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