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UNECE launches e-Learning platform on sustainable transport and trade connectivity 

Explore our e-Learning courses and training materials

Are you interested in learning how to promote policies to strive towards sustainable transport and better trade connectivity? Do you want to learn about the UN inland transport and trade facilitation legal instruments and standards? Do you want to increase your capacity, knowledge base and skills in sustainable transport and trade connectivity? If you replied yes to any of these questions, then explore the e-Learning courses on the LearnITC- The Inland Transport and Trade Connectivity e-Learning Platform that was launched today. 

Sustainable transport and trade connectivity impacts our health, environment and economy. To promote transport, which is safe, clean and competitive and to simplify cross-border trade, UNECE member States have worked together to develop the UN inland transport and trade facilitation legal instruments, standards and other tools. LearnITC is where you can learn more about these topics. The various courses and training materials are available in English, French, and Russian. 

Who should take this course?  

The courses are primarily designed to train policymakers, government officials, staff from intergovernmental/non-governmental organizations, private sector professionals, students/academia, and other stakeholders. 

Learning objectives  

The courses aim to equip participants with the knowledge and resource materials to understand the main concepts of sustainable transport and trade connectivity, and the UN Inland Transport and Trade Convention and Legal Agreements. The courses are self-paced and can be completed according to the schedule of the learner. Each module uses a mix of learning tools and features engaging content with clear storylines, complemented by interactive features, relevant tools, and links to additional resources.  

After completing the course, learners will be able to:  

  • Gain and strengthen knowledge in the UN Inland Transport and Trade Conventions and Legal Agreements 

  • Increase their skills in the development of policy tools for sustainable transport and better trade connectivity 

Certification and evaluation  

Following the successful completion of each course, learners will be awarded with a digital Certificate of Completion.  

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