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Steering Group on Climate Change-Related Statistics

Contact person: Malgorzata Cwiek


  • Support the implementation of the Conference of European Statisticians’ (CES) Recommendations on Climate Change-Related Statistics
  • Organize Expert Fora for producers and users of climate change-related statistics;
  • Advance international work on climate change-related statistics in the UNECE region, including the development of a key set of indicators on climate change;
  • Increase collaboration among international organizations active in measuring issues related to climate change;
  • Strengthen joint work in greenhouse gas inventories and official statistics.

The Steering Group supports countries in developing national road maps and prioritizing actions to improve official statistics for climate analysis. 
Progress report and terms of reference (October 2018)
CES Road map for developing climate change-related statistics (March 2017)
Report on CES Activities in climate change-related statistics (March 2016) (presented to the UN Statistical Commission)
Making the case for greater involvement of national statistical offices in climate change-related statistics (February 2016)

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