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Seminar on inland transport security - 2009

Programme for the Seminar on Inland Transport Security, Geneva, 15 January 2009
English PDF (23 KB)
Mr. Martin Burkhardt
Director General, UIRR (International Union of combined Road-Rail transport companies)
COUNTERACT and INSECTT: pragmatic approaches to enhancing security
English PDF (2,140 KB)
Dr. Andrzej Rucinski
Professor, University of New Hampshire
Globally Integrated Security Environment (GISE)
English PDF (3,330 KB)
Mr. Henry Bolton
Senior Border Issues Advisor, Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE)
OSCE Border Management Staff College in Dushanbe: enhancing security and co-operation through education
English PDF (14 KB)
Ms. Lindsey Barr
Manager, International Association of Public Transport (UITP)
Research and innovation in passenger public transport security
English PDF (107 KB)
Mr. Tjien-Khoen Liem
Principal Scientific Officer, European Commission
European Commission’s Security Research Programme
English PDF (2,303 KB)
Mr. Gilad Solnik
IIS Lead, Transported Asset Protection Association (TAPA)
Freight Security Standards, Trucking Security Requirements, Incident Reporting
English PDF (833 KB)
Mr. Gary Bridgeman
Project Manager, Development and Deployment, ERTICO
Intelligent transport systems and services
English PDF (441 KB)
Mr. Juha Hintsa
Senior Researcher, Cross Border Research Association & EPFL, Lausanne
Feasibility study for intra-EU supply chain security toolbox/standard
English PDF (120 KB)
Mr. Gordon Wright
Supply Chain Security, European Commission, TAXUD
Progress on the mutual recognition agreement between the EU and US and business continuity planning in the EU
English PDF (2,507 KB)
Mr. Mark Miller
Vice-Chairman, EOS Board of Directors, Co-ordinator, EOS Supply Chain Security Working Group
Supply Chain Security - Practical Experience
English PDF (392 KB)